Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sing Out! - Parkinson Voice Project

Last weekend we were invited to the performance 'Sing Out with The Loud Crowd'. The choir (the Loud Crowd), accompanied by a live music band,  presented  songs from the movie 'Grease'. Don Most and Anson Williams, known from the TV series 'Happy Days', were Masters of Ceremony of the event. It was a very enjoyable concert.

After that, in the connection with the theme of the performance, old cars were displayed in the car park. Many guys found them interesting - some recalled the times when those models were in use..

The Loud Crowd is part of Parkinson Voice Project (nonprofit organization), which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.
During the performance of the Choir, the audience could also learn not only about the Project, its founder Ms. Samantha Elendary, but also about its magnificent benefits, considering the persons diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Thanks to the therapy program developed by Ms. Elendary, speech-language pathologist, those people exercise their speech organs in a way, which helps them regain and preserve their speaking abilities and the swallowing ones as well.
The results of the therapy are quite amazing, every single exercise matters - even after a two week practice it brings a significant improvement in the voice tone, speech and communication quality/abilities (a video example of a person's speech before and after two week Speak Out! therapy session was presented during the event).

Furthermore, Parkinson Voice Project program is available to every person who needs it as the therapy is free of charge.

The organization has its offices not only in Texas. There are more - in other states, and also in quite a few countries in different parts of the world.

On Sept.17 - North Texas Giving Day - you can also support Parkinson Voice Project: go to NorthTexasGivingDay.org and donate!

To learn more about Parkinson Voice Project visit the website.

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