Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Texas Alphabet: B for Beans

The idea for this alphabet post series comes from ' The Alphabet of My Emigration' by Dee Dorota L., member of The Polish Ladies Abroad Club, who has relocated to England.
I have also decided to join the project and write about My Texas Alphabet twice a week.

Thinking about my life in Poland, there were only a few kinds of beans available in the local stores. At least as far as I can remember. Dry: white one, called Jas (Johnny); canned: white and red (in water); fresh: green and yellow bean pods, and frozen bags of green pods. Moreover, we did not eat beans too often - just once in a while.

In Texas, beans are a most important ingredient of many traditional dishes. Beans were also a main everyday meal in the old cowboy days. Maybe that is a reason, there are so many various sorts of beans here.

What you can see in the picture above, is a supermarket 'beans aisle' - white, red and black beans, (including eg. pinto beans, kidney beans and so on) dry, canned, seasoned, unseasoned - whatever you need and want. When I first saw that loads of beans, it was as surprising as overwhelming. I simply did not know which one to choose. And I felt lost - in the world of beans. Lost but not alone - my husband and my greatest supporter helped me. That time, and many times before and after the beans dilemma moment.

These days I have no problems with getting the beans I like. I have learned a lot since then. Furthermore, some of them (eg. baked up beans) have become my favorites. Since beans are high in fiber, iron, folate, protein and complex carbohydrates, they make a simple but quite a nutritious meal. From time to time, we enjoy having pinto beans, cooked in a traditional way (a recipe is to be posted on the Polish Ladies Abroad blog soon) and other ones too.

In a way, the beans are only an example of all the new things I have experienced and learned here. I would not have been able to go through it if it was not for my husband's love and care. At least not so smoothly as I did/do.

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