The blog consists of three parts:

1. Gone To Texas - created in 2014. At the beginning it was called FavTreats - it was supposed to be a beauty blog. Since it evolved into much more than that, I decided to change the name, to make it more adequate to the blog content.

A big part of the blog Gone To Texas is related to our ancestry project which is still current and open.

The blog is bilingual as my life is. Most of my posts are in English, some in Polish. There are also the ones which are written in both languages (very few). The contents connected with the projects by Polish Ladies Abroad Club are mainly in Polish, though.

2. In The Kitchen With Tobo - created in 2012. At first, it was planned as a picture blog only. After some time, gradually, more and more words were added in posts.
The blog In The Kitchen With Tobo has never meant to be just another cookery Internet space or a cooking blog. There are so many such pages with interesting, useful recipes you can try in your kitchen. Another one is not really needed then. That is why if you are searching for any particular recipes, probably you won't find them here.

Somebody has said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I do agree that the kitchen is not only about cooking. It is also about sharing and being together - with your family and friends. And about learning too, which means not only cooking again. Anyway, I do love learning Southern cooking and trying new recipes.
But it is only a part of it all that really matters.

3. Our Cats & Friends which came into being in 2008. This section is dedicated to all our family and friends' pets, domestic and non-domestic animals, and nature.

To sum up, this blog is about our life in Texas, learning, music, everyday life matters, beauty, cooking, baking, family, sharing, and many more.

Who we are:

A Polish -Texan (Pol-Tex) couple: two quite educated (we are not makeup artists, scientists, beauticians, cosmetologists, or doctors) and mature persons who believe that beauty, style, and joy of life are not reserved for younger generations only. We reside in TX.

 Our motto:

The blog owner & creator/editor

was born and raised in Europe, nowadays I live in Texas. In my opinion, looking stylish (regardless of age) means feeling good. I am interested in various things including arts, music, and family ancestry. I am married to a wonderful Texan - I love my husband and family life. What is more, I very much enjoy discovering Texas and learning about Southern Cuisine.

I am a genealogist amateur - I have studied our ancestry for about 10 years and enjoy learning about the lives and faith of our predecessors.

Previously, I worked as an educator, teachers' methodology adviser, and mentor - I am a graduate of a pedagogical university (master's degree in pedagogics).
I have been blogging since 2008.

Together with my husband, we love doing sightseeing, dancing, taking part in cultural/sports events, and visiting places of interest in the US.