Friday, September 25, 2015

My Texas Alphabet: E for El Fenix

The idea for this alphabet post series comes from ' The Alphabet of My Emigration' by Dee Dorota L., member of The Polish Ladies Abroad Club, who has relocated to England.
I have also decided to join the project and write about My Texas Alphabet twice a week.

'El Fenix' is a chain of restaurants (in Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex area) which serve Tex-Mex food. Texas is the land of Tex-Mex (the mixture of Texan and Mexican) cuisine and we eat it quite often too.

The very first El Fenix restaurant was established in Dallas by Mike Martinez (1918). The place still exists and, in my opinion, it is the best of all the El Fenix restaurants. On the other hand, I have not dined in each and every El Fenix place to be able to compare all of them. Anyway, so far I like the one in Dallas most.

I have also learned to make some Tex-Mex dishes - my bests are chicken quesadillas, pork fajitas and beef tacos. Thanks to my culinary achievements, we can also enjoy Tex-Mex dishes made in our kitchen, without going out to one of the local food places.

El Fenix means 'the phoenix' - a mythological bird which decomposes itself to be reborn again. In a way, it is also a symbol of my emigration: I left my old life behind to begin a new life. I no longer do many things which I did a few years ago. I do not go to places where I used to go. But I have done and learned many new things, took up new hobbies, met new people. I am still the old me - I have not forgotten my past and where I come from, my family and friends whom I left in Poland. But I am also a new me. The same, but different in many ways.

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