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Conrad Meckel and Henriette Luckenbach

I do not know who Conrad's parents were or when he came to Texas. I do not know what the original spelling of his surname was either. Was It Moeckel/Möckel?

In the 1860 Census records (1), there is another man of the same name, born in Nassau in 1827 who lived in Gallon Polk Township, Crawford, Ohio with Catherine Meckel who was 62 and was born in Nassau as well. That Ohio Conrad was a stone cutter. I guess Catherine was probably his mother.

The Crawford man was naturalized in 1859 (2).

Were he (the stone cutter) and his mother related to our Texas Conrad's family? Very likely considering that Conrad Meckel who lived in Fredericksburg was also born in Nassau (11 Nov. 1826) according to the 1860 Census data.

German Birth and Baptism records inform that Conrad Franz Peter Möckel was 24 Nov. 1827. The baby was christened on 9 Dec. 1827 in the Evangelic Church in Stuttgart, Neckar, Wuerttemberg. Conrad Franz Peter's parents were Conrad Möckel and Charlotte Katharine Wild (3). The baby could be the man who later lived with his mother Catherine and was recorded in Polk Township, Crawford, Ohio.

It all seems quite possible - I checked on the map of Germany that Nassau is situated not far from Stuttgart. However, the place of birth given in the census records could be not the city of Nassau itself but the Duchy of Nassau - an independent state then. It means the people mentioned above were born in a town or village in the Nassau area. I have checked (on the map) the distance between the two cities Nassau and Stuttagrd - it is only about 270km (3 hours drive by car).

Source: Google maps

Anyway, I assume the original spelling of the surname Möckel was changed in America into Meckel.
Conrad Meckel who lived in Fredericksburg was a wheelwright. Possibly his first name was Heinrich and Conrad was the man's middle name. He ran a store in the town, he was also a cattle trader.

On 6 June 1853, Conrad married a three year younger Miss Henriette Luckenbach.

Record source: "Texas, County Marriage Index, 1837-1977," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 22 December 2016), Conrad Meckel and Henrietta Luckenbach, 12 Jun 1853; citing Gillespie, Texas, United States, county courthouses, Texas; FHL microfilm 982,801.

Seven years later, the couple lived with their children August and Emilie in Precinct 2, Gillespie County, TX. Conrad's brother Henry was recorded at their dwelling during the 1860 Census (4).

On an October day in 1866, Conrad and his two brothers Bernhard and Heinrich (Henry) left Fredericksburg with their cattle. They headed towards Mr. Meckel's ranch which was situated at Willow Creek. After about twelve miles the brothers parted. Bernhard took some cattle and went to Squaw Creek. Conrad and Heinrich reached the Meckel's ranch and returned to Fredericksburg. On their to the town, on the third day of their trip between Loyal Valley and Cherry Spring, the two men stopped for a rest. At that spot, they were attacked by Indians and killed. Conrad was shot in the head and knee. The bodies of the brothers were later found by Ludolph Meier. Their clothes, guns, and horses had been stolen. Conrad and Heinrich were buried at the Fredericksburg Cemetery.
Sometime after the fatal incident, the Indians were seen with the horse which had been owned by Conrad Meckel (5).

Henriette Luckenbach Meckel lived seven years longer. She passed on 17 Sept. 1917.

We are related to Mr. Conrad Meckel via Louis Carl Luckenbach. He was Louis' uncle by marriage.

Conrad Meckel
his wife Henriette (Luckenbach) Meckel
her brother Friedrich Wilhelm Luckenbach
his son Louis Carl Luckenbach
his wife Jeannie Katherine Hart
her sister Elizabeth (Hart) Angel
her husband Rufus Monroe Angel - our 3rd cousin once removed
his father James Monroe Angel
his mother Elizabeth Sarah (Gant) Angel
her father Benjamin Thomas Gant
his brother Jacob Rippy Gant - our great-great-grandfather

Passengers lists (6)

recorded the immigrants who came on various vessels from Germany to Texas. Among them, there were quite a few persons by the name Meckel from the village of Bicken in Nassau Germany. Some of them settled in Comal County, TX. Maybe relatives of Conrad Meckel of Fredericksburg?

John George Meckel, age 41, arrived on Herschel in 1845, with wife Catherine nee Graaf, age 29, Catherine age 23, Anna Elisabeth age 21, Phillip D age 11, and Catherine age 9. They settled in Comal County.

John Phillip Meckel (32) arrived on Herschel in 1845 with wife Catherine (30) and children Wilhelm Friedrich (7), Pauline (5) and Friedrich (3). John passed on 4 August 1848, his wife on 4 March 1846.

Catherina Elisa Meckel came to Texas on Herschel in 1845. Her place of origin and destination was not recorded.

Phillip Heinrich Meckel settled in Comal County as well. He came to Texas on Hersce4l 1845 as well. Phillip was 25 then.

Wilhelm Meckel of Braunschweig sailed on Brig Semiramus. He left Bremen on 18 August 1845 and arrived in Galveston on 22 Oct. 1845.

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6. A New Land Beckoned: German Immigration to Texas, 1844-1847
By Chester Geue, Chester William Geue, Ethel Hander Geue, 1966

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Joseph Wilson Baines and Ruth Ament Huffman

At the beginning of November, we visited the oldest cemetery in Fredericksburg. The town was founded on 8 May 1846. Its earliest settlers and pioneers were buried in the graveyard "Der Stadt Friedhof" (City Cemetery).

Joseph Wilson Baines, the maternal grandfather of President LB Johnson, was born in Louisiana, later he moved with his family to Texas. Joseph Wilson studied law at Baylor University, then the man moved to Collin County, Texas where our paternal ancestors lived as well. J. W. Baines served as Secretary of State of Texas (1883-1887). He died in Fredericksburg Texas.

Joseph's wife Ruth Ament Huffman was born on 10 Dec. 1854 in Rowlett, Collin County, Texas. The marriage took place on 12 Sept. 1869.

Record source: "Texas, County Marriage Records, 1837-1965," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 10 December 2017), J W Baines and Ruth A Huffman, 12 Sep 1869; citing Marriage, citing Collin, Texas, United States, Texas State Library, Archives Division, and various Texas county clerks; FHL microfilm 1,289,595.

Ruth passed in San Antonio, TX, on 13 Feb. 1936, three decades after her husband. Both spouses found their resting place at "Der Stadt Friedhof".

We are related to Ruth Ament Baines via Silas Liter Harrington, the husband of Vera Virginia Andrews, our fourth cousin twice removed.

Joseph Wilson Baines
his wife  Ruth Ament Huffman - Silas' cousin - twice removed
her father John Smith Huffman III (b. 7 May 1825, Bourbon County, Kentucky/d. 22 June 1865, Plano, Collin, Texas)
his sister Martha Harrington nee Huffman (b. 1830/d. 1864)
her son Silas Liter Harrington (b. 29 April 1851, Plano, Collin County, TX/d. 21 March 1932, Collin Co., TX)
his son Joseph Alfred Harrington (b. 31 March 1874, Collin, TX/d. 9 April 1957, Plano, Collin, TX)
his son Silas Liter Harrington (b. 1896, Texas/d. 1942, Texas)
his wife Vera Virginia Harrington nee Andrews (b. 26 Dec. 1897, Collin, Texas/d. 3. March 1955, Texas) - our paternal fourth cousin twice removed
her mother Ora Susan Andrews nee Forman (b. 23 Feb. 1869, Plano, Collin, TX/d. 1932, Texas)
her mother Lucette Abigail Thomas (16 August 1823, Bowling County, Kentucky/d. 20 Jan. 1987, Plano, Collin, TX)
her husband Jarrot Howard - our great-great-grandfather

Friday, October 11, 2019

Fort Martin Scott

Fort Martin Scott is the place where the US Army stationed. Besides the soldiers, Texas Rangers and the very first settlers of Fredericksburg lived in the fort area as well. It was built in1848. You can read more about the fort history here.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Mary Peck Butterworth

I hesitated whether to write about Mary as her alleged achievements may be regarded as doubtful. On the other hand, she is in our family tree* and whatever someone held against her was found untrue.

That indirect relation comes via Miss Hannah Titus nee Butterworth who was the wife of our second cousin twice removed, John Titus. Mary Butterworth nee Peck was Hannah's niece.

Mary was born in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts on 27 July 1686 to John and Elizabeth Peck. She was a wife and mother like many other women. Her husband was Mr. John Butterworth (b. 7 May 1679, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts) whom she married on 26 Sept. 1710.

What was so special about Mary? Allegedly, she became a counterfeiter about five years after the marriage. Mary and other persons were accused of making fake money using wetted silk and iron to transfer the money pattern on paper. The people who testified against her claimed that Mary was the one who invented the method and organized the counterfeiter group. To make it more interesting, it was one of the lady's brothers and his wife who were witnesses of the prosecution. According to their testimony, the couple worked together with Mary and later turned against her. Why would they have done it? Was it all about money, or they suddenly decided to be honest citizens of the colony?

Was it all really true? The suspicion and accusations started when John, Mary's husband, bought an expensive house for his immediate family. Maybe the relations were simply jealous about that? Maybe they did not like the fact that Mary and her husband were well off? However it was, no evidence of Mary's alleged criminal activity was found and the charges were dropped.

After the court case, Mary lived the peaceful life of a wife and mother. She passed away where she lived on 7 Feb. 1775, about 4 years after the day of John's death.

Family line

Mary Peck Butterworth

her husband John Butterworth - the son of John Butterworth and Hannah Wheaton

his sister Hannah (Butterworth) Titus (b. 14 Feb. 1680, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts/d. 1 Feb. 1709, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts)  - as you can see, Hannah passed before her brother and Mary got married so she did not witness the events described above

Hannah Butterworth
Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915

Gender: Female
Birth Date: 14 Feb 1680
Fother's Name: John Butterworth
Mother's Name: Annah

her husband John Titus III - I wrote more John and the following family line in the previous post
his father John Titus II
his father John Titus I

his brother Thomas Titus - our 6 times great-grandfather

his daughter Sarah (Titus) Crea Howard

her son Stephen Howard

his son Rev. Obediah Howard

his son Christopher Howard

his son Jarrot Howard - our great-great-great-grandfather

his son William James Howard

his daughter Rachel Clementine Howard

1. "Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Hannah Butterworth, 14 Feb 1680; citing REHOBOTH,BRISTOL,MASSACHUSETTS, ; FHL microfilm 908,952.
Photos: Rehoboth, Massachusetts website 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Susan Brownell Anthony

Every day comes something new. Some new discovery in the family tree. This one amazes me. I did not know whom we have in the family ancestry until MyHeritage matches service sent me a message. I looked at its content and found myself surprised. Hello, I know that name! I learned about her while preparing for the citizenship civics exam.

The MyHeritage software says she is our 7th cousin twice removed. Who? Miss Susan Brownell Anthony. And her brother Mr. Daniel Read Anthony as well. Both of them were abolitionists. Susan was a civil rights activist and a suffragist, the women's rights movement supporter.

Daniel Read was a lieutenant colonel in 7th Regiment of Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (Union Army).
Susan B and Daniel R Anthony's parents were Daniel Anthony and Lucy Read.

Susan (born on 15 Feb. 1820 in Bowens Corners, Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts/d. 13 March 1906, at 17 Madison St., Rochester, Madison County, New York).

Clipping source: Evans, Ashley. The Bonham News. (Bonham, Tex.), Vol. 40, No. 82, Ed. 1 Friday, March 16, 1906, newspaper, March 16, 1906; ( accessed July 1, 2019), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Bonham Public Library

Clipping source: Evans, Ashley. The Bonham News. (Bonham, Tex.), Vol. 40, No. 82, Ed. 1 Friday, March 16, 1906, newspaper, March 16, 1906; ( accessed July 1, 2019), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Bonham Public Library.

The family relationship goes via the Read, Titus and Howard family.

Susan B Anthony
her mother Lucy (Read) Anthony (b. 2 Dec. 1793, Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts/d. 3 April 1880, Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts) married Daniel Anthony on 3 July 1815

Adams, Massachusetts

her father Daniel Reid/Reed (b. about 1751, Newton, Middlessex, MA/d. about 1838) married Susannah Richardson on 29 Jan 1776

his father Joshua Read (b. 21 July 1728, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts/d. 27 Oct. 1780, Cheshire, Berkshire, Massachusetts)  + wife Elizabeth Barney

his mother Hannah (Titus) Read (b. 27 Oct. 1701, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts/d. 11 Feb. 1764, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts) - on 6 Dec. 1727 she married Mr. Joseph Read

her father John Titus III (b. 12 March 1678, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts/d. 9 Oct. 1732, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts), his wife was Hannah Butterworth

his father John Titus II (b. 18 Dec. 1650, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts/d. 12 Dec. 1697, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts) married Sarah Mildred on 16 August 1716

his father John Titus I (b. in about 1627, St Catherine's, Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire, England/d. 16 April 1689, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts) + wife Abigail Carpenter (b. in about 1629, Shalbourne, Berkshire, England/d. 5 March 1710, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts) - he emigrated from England to America with his brother Edmond and parents Robert Titus and Hannah Carter. Robert and Hannah Titus are our direct ancestors (10 generations back). The family left London on 3 April 1635 (the ship Hopewell)

his brother Thomas Titus - our 6 times great-grandfather (b. about 1630, Isle of Wight, Virginia/d. about 1660, Bertie County, North Carolina)  married Miss Mary Warren Chown

his daughter Sarah (Titus) Crea Howard (b. 11 Dec. 1702, New Kent County, Virginia/d. 27 Dec. 1748, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts) - she had two husbands, Thomas Crea and James Obediah Howard - our direct ancestor whom she married about 1691 in Virginia

her son Stephen Howard (b. 18 March 1694, Nansemond, Virginia/d. about 1745, New River, Onslow, NC) married Miss Sarah Sanders about 1720

his son Rev. Obediah Howard

his son Christopher Howard

his son Jarrot Howard - our great-great-great-grandfather

his son William James Howard

his daughter Rachel Clementine Howard

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mary Lillian Duke

Mary Lillian Duke, our third cousin twice removed*, was born to Benjamin Newton Duke and Sarah Pearson Angier on 16 Nov 1887 in Durham County, North Carolina. The Duke family line originates in Kent, England.

In 1900, the Census recorded the family of Benjamin and Sarah Duke as the residents of Durham Township, Durham City, Durham, North Carolina (1).

Benjamin W Duke, Head, Male, age 44, born North Carolina
Sarah Duke, Wife, Female, age 39, born North Carolina
Angier Duke, Son, Male, age 16, born North Carolina
Mary Duke, Daughter, Female, age 13, born North Carolina
Mary Shartman, Servant, Female, age 51, born North Carolina
Mary Lunsford, Servant, Female, age 20, born North Carolina

In 1907 Mary graduated from Durham's Trinity College (with a degree in English). She was keen on arts and music. Eight years later on 16 June 1915, Mary Lillian married Mr. Anthony Joseph Drexel Briddle, Jr. (b. 17 Dec. 1897, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania), son of a millionaire Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Sr.

Mary's husband was a businessman and a politician. Among others, Anthony Joseph Drexel Briddle, Jr. was 5th US Ambassador to Poland (from 2 June 1937 to 1 Dec. 1943).

The couple had two children Mary Duke (born 21 Feb. 1920, New York, New York, New York) and Nicholas Benjamin Duke (b. 1 Sept. 1921). The daughter became an art lover and supporter like her mom, and a social and civil rights activist as well. She was also involved in politics and philanthropy.

Benjamin Duke House, Fifth Ave., New York

Mary Lillian Durham Biddle started a charity foundation in 1956, she supported various non-profit organizations.

In 1935, Mary bought an estate in Durham where she lived until the day of her death (14 June 1960).

Mary Duke Biddle Durham estate in Durham, the house  was built in 1927

Mary's body found an eternal resting place at the Duke Mausoleum, Maplewood Cemetery in Durham, NC (2).

Family line:

Mary Lillian Duke

her father Benjamin Newton Duke (b. 25 April 1855, Orange County, NC/d. 8 Jan. 1929, New York City) an industrialist, politician and philanthropist married Sarah Pearson Angier on 21 Feb. 1877 in Durham, Orange County, North Carolina (3). Sally was born on 19 Feb. 1856, her parents were Maulborne Addison Angier, an industrialist, businessman, politician, co-founder of Durham, and Mary Jane Pearson

his mother Artelia (Roney) Duke (b. 28 June 1829, Haw River, Alamance, North Carolina/d. 20 August 1858, Haw River, Alamance, North Carolina), daughter of John Roney, a farmer, and Mary Trollinger

In 1850, Artelia lived with her parents and siblings in the North District of Alamance County, NC (4).


John Roney, Male, age 58
Mary Roney, Female, age 50
Polly Roney, Female, age 29
Elizabeth Roney, Female, age 23
Artelia Roney, Female, age 21
Calvin Roney, Male, age 18
Armecia Roney, Female, age 16
Joseph Roney, Male, age 14
Barbara Roney, Female, age 11
Amos Roney, Male, age 8

Artelia married Mr. Washington Duke on 9 Dec. 1852.

Her parents John Roney and Mary Trollinger married on 12 Dec. 1815 in Orange, NC (5,6).

her mother Mary (Trollinger) Roney - (b. 25 March 1800, Orange, NC/d. 11 August 1879, Haw River, Alamance, NC), a daughter of Jacob Henry Trollinger and Mary Thomas

her sister Mary Elizabeth (Trollinger) Gant - our great-great-great-grandmother (born Dec 1791, Orange, North Carolina)

In some family trees there is confusion - the two Marys, Trollinger sisters, are taken as one person Mary Elizabeth Trollinger Roney Gant and two husbands are assigned to her - both John Roney (the younger sister's man) and Jonathan Kerr Gant. However, when you look at the years of their children birth, one can notice that it is a mix up - Mary Elizabeth would have had two husbands at the same time. At least I find it as a research error.

Mary Elizabeth Trollinger married our direct ancestor Jonathan Kerr Gant in 1808.

her son Jacob Rippy Gant - our great-great-grandfather

his son Henry A Gant (b. about 1838, Orange, NC/d. about 1880, Sumner, Tennessee) married Miss Hellen Jane Shanklin on 11 Dec. 1859 in Sumner, TN. Hellen (Ellen) was a daughter of James John and Jane Shanklin. In 1880, Henry, his wife and their eight children lived in 7th District of Sumner County, Tennessee. Henry was a farmer (7).


Henry Gant, Self, Male, age 42, born North Carolina, United States
Ellen Gant, Wife, Female, age 35, born Tennessee, United States
James Gant, Son, Male, age 20, Tennessee, United States
Jane Gant, Daughter, Female, age 17, born Tennessee, United States
John Gant, Son, Male, age 15, born Tennessee, United States
Lee Gant, Son, Male, age 13, born Tennessee, United States
Georgia Gant, Daughter, Female, age 9, born Tennessee, United States
Luella Gant, Daughter, Female, age 7, born Tennessee, United States
Brody Gant, Son, Male, age 5, born Tennessee, United States
Charles Gant, Son, Male, age 3, born Tennessee, United States

his son John Lee Gant - our grandfather

*based on my MyHeritage research

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Photos: By Gryffindor; cropped by Beyond My Ken (talk) 20:28, 31 March 2015 (UTC) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Mary Lillian Briddle Estate By Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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Roger Mowry

According to my research results, Roger Mowry (Morey) born on 16 May 1610 in Drimpton, Dorset, England is our direct ancestor (11 generations back).

St. Mary's Church, Drimpton, England

Roger emigrated to America in 1628 on the ship Abigail. He lived in Boston, Plymouth, Salem, Massachusetts and later moved to Providence, Rhode Island where he built a house and a tavern (in about 1653). Roger Mowry was an inn-keeper. The inn was the meeting place of the town council, the building served as a church and local prison as well. Mowry was made freeman in 1655.

When he lived in Salem, in 1634, Roger Mowry married Miss Mary Johnson (b. about 1614 in London City, England). She was a daughter of  Capt. John Johnson and Mary Heath. Roger worked as a cattle carer then.

Roger Mowry

his daughter Elizabeth (Mowry) Malavery (b. 27 March 1643, Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony/d. 24 March 1714, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island) married Mr. John Malavery about 1672 in Providence

Providence County in the state of Rhode Island

her daughter Elizabeth (Malavery) Phillips (b. 17 Oct. 1662, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island/d. 3 Sept. 1719, Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island) - married Joseph Phillips (b. about 1663, Newport, Newport, Rhode Island), the son of Michael Phillips and Barbara Pierce

her son David Phillips (b. about 1702, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island/d. about 1797, Gloucester, Providence, Rhode Island) + wife Ruth Benson (b. 7 Oct. 1704, Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts [1]), daughter of Isaac Benson and Marcy/Mary Bumpas. David and Ruth married on 17 March 1799, in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Sandwich, Massachusetts

his daughter Susanna Ann (Phillips) Gant (b. 21 Jan. 1740, Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island/d. April 1792, Shocco Township, Warren, North Carolina) - she got married on 11 August 1760 in Shocco District, NC, her husband was John Spencer Gant (b. about 1734, Isle of Wight, Virginia), son of John Gant and Anna Brantley

her son William Gant (b. 14 August 1763, Granville County, NC/d. 26 Dec. 1824, Orange County, NC) + wife Frances "Fanny" Rippy (b. 18 Oct. 1760, Orange County, NC), daughter of Matthew Rippy and Nancy/Anne Holliday - William and Frances married about 1757 in Orange County, NC)

his son Jonathan Kerr Gant (b. 4 April 1787, Orange, NC) - more about his wife Mary Elizabeth Trollinger + his death date in this post

his son Jacob Rippy Gant - our great-great-grandfather

You can find more info about Roger Mowry and the village he came from on the Drimpton village website.


1. "Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Ruth Benson, 07 Oct 1704; citing ROCHESTER,PLYMOUTH,MASSACHUSETTS, ; FHL microfilm 0873753 IT 1-2.

Drimpton, St. Mary's Church: By Basher Eyre, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Sandwich, Massachusetts: Phillip Capper from Wellington, New Zealand [CC BY 2.0 (]