Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Cosmetic Experience

I am going to come back to our ancestry stories soon, right now I need to catch up with my other series posts.

Here is another entry on the cosmetics we tried. I am planning to write about a product/cosmetic once only, even if we like it and buy it more often.

Body care
The cleansing liquid by Cetaphil is fragrance-free and did not cause any skin irritations. However, it is not my favorite body cleanser as it makes my skin feel the same as if I used regular soap - dry and stripped of lipid surface. On the other hand, that cleanser is a good option if you need to replace soap with a milder product considering washing some more delicate body parts or just hand and face.

Would we buy it again? Maybe

Bath salt
The size of the Epsom salt bag was very convenient and pouring the right amount of the salt into the bath was very easy.
Epsom salt makes a bath a relaxing experience. It helps to relax tired muscles and refreshes the skin. Another factor which I find very important is: the salt does not affect the PH of the skin and the intimate body parts as many bubble bath liquids do. Epsom salt cannot be used by everybody - always read the about the product provided by the manufacturer.

More about Epsom salt in my other post.

Would we buy it again? 馃憤

Body wash by Rossmann
When I lived in Poland, I often purchased cosmetics at Rossmann drug stores. I liked the store brands, its quality and the prices at the store as well. Isana is of their brands too. I got the body wash during our last visit in Poland. It was great - creamy and of rather thick consistency (which made it very efficient). And it smelled so nice - like a bunch of flowers. I liked the flowery pattern on the bottle as well. If I could, I would have bought more cosmetics at Rossmann. Unfortunately, it was not possible - when we were coming back home, my suitcase was filled up to its limits and nothing more could be possibly packed in it.

The body wash by Isana contains Magnolia Liliflora extract.

Would we buy it again? 馃憤

Leg care
My calves love that horse-chestnut based gel. It improves the blood circulation in varicose veins, makes them less visible. The gel relaxes the tired legs as well. Its fragrance is delicate yet pleasant. When I lived in Poland I always applied some gel with horse-chestnut extract on my calves - morning and evenings.  My legs were fine as my calves did not hurt thanks to the treatment. The thing is this kind of gel is very popular in Poland, available in different versions by different brands.
When I moved to Texas, I tried to find a similar product but, regrettably, nothing like that chestnut extract based gel was available here. That was one of the things on my shopping list when we were in Poland again. I am glad I finally got it! The box was quite big (it contained320g of the product - which was a lot). Wish it had been bigger and lasted much longer than four months.

Besides horse-chestnut extract, rutin is one of the gel ingredients.

Would we buy it again? 馃憤

Friday, May 19, 2017

William Fitzhugh

When I saw the name Fitzhugh in our family tree for the first time, I thought 'What a weird way to name a child'. I had never heard of such a given name before. Later, when I found out that it originally could have been a surname of an ancestor, I wondered: 'Why was it so significant that some parents decided to choose the surname to name their child?' That person from the past who bore the family name Fitzhugh must have been of certain importance to our relatives. Why? Who was it?

I started looking for any information on a Fitzhugh person/persons in our family tree. To my surprise, I found the answers to my questions quite easily.

William Fitzhugh was born on January 9, 1651, in Bedford, England. His parents were Henry Fitzhugh and mary King. Henry was a woolen draper and the mayor of Bedford in 1649.

William came to Virginia where he owned 54,000 acres of land. He was a politician, lawyer, and tobacco planter. William married Sarah Tucker (daughter of  John Tucker and Sarah Tucker nee Allerton) on May 01, 1674 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Sarah was born in circa 1633, in Carleton, North Yorkshire, England; she died on December 1, 1792, in Westmoreland, Virginia.William and Sarah started their own family line - they had seven children.

William Fitzhugh was a prominent, leading person in the Virginia society, patron of the arts who led the way in fashion and lifestyle. He was also Colonial War veteran - Lt. Colonel of Virginia Militia (formed in 1682). He was not the only Revolutionary War veteran in the family - William's brother Henry was Colonel of Virginia Rangers, William's son William Jr served as Major of Stafford militia.

William died on October 21, 1701, at his home in Bedford. He was buried at Eagle's Nest Cemetery in Virginia.


Photo of William Fitzhugh's portrait: Virginia Historical Society

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Miss Nannie Angel Brown

Nannie Angel Brown is one of the persons/relatives from Aunt Lula's album (I wrote about the album here).

Miss Nannie Angel Brown

When I first saw the album and the photos, I thought that Angel was a middle name. Later it appeared to be the lady's maiden name. The surname occurs in the family tree in various spelling options: Angel, Angle, and Anglea. The latter one seems to be the original form changed within the years, (possibly by clerks? who recorded the name).

Anyway, Nancy Neal Angel was a daughter of Marcus Lafayette Anglea and Mammie Erena Anglea nee Jones.

Marcus Lafayette Anglea was born in Gallatin, Sumner County, TN on 9 November 1835, he died in Edna, Jackson County, TX on 26 August 1892.

Mammie was born on 5 January 1838 in TN and she died in Desdemona, Eastland County, Texas on 20 December 1878. Mammie and Marcus married on 19 January 1859 in Sumner Co., Tennessee. Mammie was 18 and Marcus was 24.

Nancy Neal Angel was the eighth child of the Anglea couple. She born 8 March 1871 in Sumner Co., TN. Nannie moved to Texas with her parents and siblings probably in or before 1876. The records show that in 1880 the Anglea family lived at Dist. 3, Precinct 5, Collin County, Texas.

At the age of 21, Nannie got married. Her spouse, a year older than the bride, was Mr. John William Brown (born on 2 September 1870 in Collin Co., Texas), son of John Liter Brown and . The ceremony took place on 14 December 1892 in Collin County, Texas.

I have had difficulties with finding the information on Nannies and John's children.  So far I have come across a record on one child only - William L Brown born on 31 August 1983. Nannie gave birth to the boy when she was twenty-two. William married Alma M. He died on 23 July 1985.

When Nannie was forty-four, on 9 December 1915, John William Brown, her husband, passed away in McKinney, Collin Co., TX. He was buried in Allen at Allen Cemetary, Collin Co., TX

Nancy Neal Brown died at the age of eighty-six, on 30 July 1957 in McKinney, Collin County, Texas. Her body rests at the same cemetery where her husband was buried, in Allen TX.

I wish I knew more about Miss Nannie Angel Brown, more than dates and numbers only as digits do not make a person. On the other hand, it is good to know who the lady in the picture was and at least a bit about her and her life.

Nannie Angel's siblings

Isabell Angel Howard - more info soon

James Lafayette Angle
born on February 25, 1863*, TN, died on June 27, 1949, in Allen, TX.
James married Eliza Catherine (Katie) Brown on May 5, 1869, in Collin Co. Eliza died at the age of 95, on July 23, 1964, in Allen, Collin TX. James and Eliza had 8 children.

Henretta Angle
born on  June 5, 1863*, in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN. She died on June 21, 1947, in Denton, Denton Co., TX.
Henretta married  Elijah Edwin Dean on Dec 13, 1883, in Hunt Co., TX.
Elijah was born on September 1, 1852. He died when Henretta was 72, on May 29, 1935. Henretta and Elijah had eight children.

Albert Abner Angle
born on October 13, 1864, in TN. He died on January 10, 1929, Collin TX.

Durrett Monroe Angle 
born on June 11, 1866, in Sumner Co., TN. He died on October 14, 1936, in Cedar Hill, Dallas County.
According to my research, Durett married Minnie E Hopkins on December 15, 1890, in Collin County, TX. Minnie was born on April 12, 1874, in Missouri. She died when Durrett was 65 - it was in Dallas, on Dec 15, 1931. I have found the info on the two children of Durrett and Minnie's only.

Dora Elizabeth Angel Howard - more info soon

Charles Thomas Angle
born on April 16, 1873, in Sumner Co., TN, he died on August 16, 1923, in  Dallas.

According to my findings, he possibly had two wives:

1. Evalyn Magruder whom he married on December 7, 1898, in San Angelo, Tom Green, TX. They had one child (?). No records on their divorce though.
2. Alice Evelyn Coleman whom he married on March 18, 1907, in Sherman, Grayson, TX. They had six children (?).

Willie Mattie Angle - the youngest of the Angle children was born on December 5, 1876, in Collin County, TX. Unfortunately, the child did not live very long, the boy died on January 29, 1879, in Collin, TX.

* I guess, something must be wrong with the records - possible mistake? James born in Feb 1863, Henretta in June, the same year?

Picture of gravestone by Kelly O'Brian

Monday, May 15, 2017

Wywiady Klubowe: Rozmowa z Justyn膮

Z Turcji wracamy do Francji. Ju偶 czas na spotkanie z Madame Bonheur!

Justyno, gdzie jest Twoje miejsce w Polsce?

Warszawa – miasto, w kt贸rym si臋 urodzi艂am i wychowa艂am. Uwielbiam je za jego wyj膮tkow膮 histori臋, atmosfer臋, ciekawe miejsca i tempo 偶ycia. Du偶o si臋 tam dzieje!

Jak dawno temu wyjecha艂a艣 z Polski?

Wyjecha艂am dok艂adnie 24 czerwca 2014 roku i mieszkam za granic膮 ju偶 prawie trzy lata. Dok艂adnie pami臋tam t臋 dat臋, bo by艂am zestresowana i pe艂na obaw. Jednak z czasem wszystko si臋 u艂o偶y艂o, a autokarowy „bilet w jedn膮 stron臋” zachowa艂am na pami膮tk臋.

 Kraj/ kraje / przyczyna Twojej emigracji?

Decyzj臋 o wyje藕dzie podj臋li艣my wsp贸lnie z m臋偶em (wtedy jeszcze narzeczonym). To by艂 dla nas jedyny spos贸b na zyskanie niezale偶no艣ci i lepsze zarobki. Na kraj emigracji wybrali艣my Francj臋, poniewa偶 mieszkali tu rodzice mojego partnera. Zadeklarowali oni, 偶e mo偶emy si臋 u nich zatrzyma膰, do czasu a偶 znajdziemy prac臋. Wyjechali艣my zaraz po studiach.

Pontcharra, Francja

 Czy powiesz nam co艣 o swoim wykszta艂ceniu?

Jestem magistrem Prawa, ale nie pracuj臋 w zawodzie.

Czym zajmujesz si臋 na co dzie艅?

Pracuj臋 w magazynie znanej sieci sklep贸w dyskontowych. Co prawda nie jest to zaj臋cie zgodne ani z moim wykszta艂ceniem, ani z dotychczasowym do艣wiadczeniem, ale lubi臋 to miejsce ze wzgl臋du na atmosfer臋, warunki wsp贸艂pracy i podej艣cie do pracownika. Obecnie nie szukam innej pracy, a w przysz艂o艣ci planuj臋 postawi膰 na rozw贸j w strukturach obecnej firmy.

Twoje hobby / co lubisz robi膰 w czasie wolnym?

Interesuj臋 si臋 przede wszystkim histori膮 i kinem. W wolnym czasie lubi臋 podr贸偶owa膰, czyta膰, je藕dzi膰 na rowerze i pisa膰 bloga. Blogosfera to prawdziwa kopalnia wiedzy na wiele r贸偶nych temat贸w i ciesz臋 si臋, 偶e mog臋 by膰 jej cz臋艣ci膮.

Z czego jeste艣 dumna?

Najbardziej jestem dumna z tego, 偶e uda艂o mi si臋 u艂o偶y膰 偶ycie w obcym kraju. Zaczyna艂am wszystko od zera i musia艂am poradzi膰 sobie z wieloma przeszkodami. Poza tym j臋zyka francuskiego zacz臋艂am si臋 uczy膰 w Polsce zaledwie 2 lata przed planowanym przyjazdem. W tym kr贸tkim czasie ucz臋szcza艂am na kursy intensywne i osi膮gn臋艂am poziom B1, ale na pocz膮tku pobytu nie by艂o mi 艂atwo. Teraz widz臋, 偶e moje umiej臋tno艣ci s膮 o wiele wi臋ksze. Jestem te偶 dumna z mojego zwi膮zku. M贸j m膮偶 jest dla mnie wielkim szcz臋艣ciem i wsparciem.

Kiedy zacz臋艂a艣 pisa膰 bloga / o czym piszesz na blogu?

Swoj膮 stron臋 internetow膮 zacz臋艂am prowadzi膰 p贸艂tora roku temu. Jest to blog emigracyjno-podr贸偶niczy, gdzie opisuj臋 swoje do艣wiadczenia, przemy艣lenia i ciekawostki, zwi膮zane z Francj膮 i 偶yciem na obczy藕nie. W wolnym czasie du偶o zwiedzam, wi臋c opisuj臋 te偶 najciekawsze miejsca, jakie uda艂o mi si臋 zobaczy膰. W tej kwestii nie ograniczam si臋 jednak tylko do Francji. W ostatnim czasie stworzy艂am cykl post贸w dotycz膮cych Japonii, gdzie sp臋dzi艂am niemal ca艂e wakacje. Planuj臋 te偶 inne cykle dotycz膮ce miejsc, kt贸re wed艂ug mnie zas艂uguj膮 na szczeg贸lne wyr贸偶nienie.

Czym jest dla Ciebie Klub Polki?

Klub Polki to moje ulubione miejsce w Internecie. Jest to grupa wspania艂ych kobiet i zbi贸r 偶yciowych historii, podobnych do mojej. Jednak do艂膮czaj膮c do klubu, nie spodziewa艂am si臋, 偶e znajd臋 tyle otwartych i 偶yczliwych os贸b. Pisz膮c na forum, czuj臋, jakbym rozmawia艂a z dobrymi, starymi przyjaci贸艂kami. Uwielbiam te偶 czyta膰 klubowe blogi, bo dzi臋ki temu mog臋 by膰 w takich zak膮tkach 艣wiata, o jakich nawet nie 艣ni艂am.

Co jeszcze chcia艂aby艣 nam powiedzie膰?

Jednym z moich ulubionych cytat贸w jest stwierdzenie „Szcz臋艣cie nie jest przeznaczeniem. Szcz臋艣cie to spos贸b 偶ycia”. Od dziecka wpaja nam si臋 wiele rzeczy, kt贸re „musimy” w 偶yciu robi膰. W konsekwencji ci臋偶ko pracujemy, 偶eby mie膰 dobr膮 przysz艂o艣膰 i cz臋sto zapominamy o tera藕niejszo艣ci. Jednak nie mo偶na pozwoli膰, 偶eby 偶ycie przelatywa艂o nam przez palce. Nie powinno si臋 te偶 odk艂ada膰 szcz臋艣cia na p贸藕niej. Dlatego ja nie marnuj臋 okazji i staram si臋 robi膰 jak najwi臋cej rzeczy, kt贸re sprawiaj膮 mi przyjemno艣膰. I tego 偶ycz臋 wszystkim Czytelnikom i emigrantkom z Klubu Polki – spe艂niania wszystkich ma艂ych i wielkich marze艅.


Blog Justyny: 1756 km na Zach贸d 
Facebook: @1756knnaZachod

Justyno 偶yczymy szcz臋scia i gratulujemy wsparcia ze strony m臋偶a. Dzi臋kujemy za spotkanie i zapraszamy do czytania kolejnych Wywiad贸w. Ju偶 pod koniec maja nast臋pna rozmowa Klubowa. 馃槉

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Texas Scottish Festival Again

Last weekend we enjoyed this year's edition of the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games. It was a very enjoyable event and we had a great time. As usual, Murder The Stout was the most enjoyable bands of all — at least in our opinion. Well, others were good too, Murder The Stout is just our favorite one.

I have read on the news that the Scottish festival will no longer be held at the Arlington Stadium. It was the last time there and in the next year, it will be organized somewhere else. Who knows where?

Murder The Stout

Part of North Texas Caledonian Pipes and Drums

More traditional music and a great bagpiper

Sport tournaments

Kilt ans a cowboy hat - Texas Scottish style

Monday, May 8, 2017

Shrader Line

I am trying to unlock the mystery of long forgotten relatives whose surnames survived till today in their descendants' middle names. One of such family names is Shrader.

According to my research, Wilhelm Schroeder/ Schr盲der was born in Manheim, in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, in - circa - 1724. When he was six years old, together with his parents and other members of his family, little Wilhelm boarded a ship to get to America. During the journey, all the members of the Shroeder family got ill and died. Only Willie survived. Another German immigrant - Johann Jacob Hock - took the boy to his farm where Wilhelm lived till he grew up. Then he married the farmer's daughter, Susanna and started his own family.

The story suggests that since Wilhelm was not able to pay for his travel, he was indentured to pay and that was why he went to the farm of Johann Hock (to work?). However, there is no document to support it. I would rather think that the Shroeder family paid for their 'tickets' before they all boarded the ship and maybe Johann decided to take care of the little boy knowing that Wilhelm was all alone.

Johann Jacob Hock was born about 1710 in Germany and died in June 1766 in York County, Pennsylvania. His wife Anna Margaritha was born about 1710 and died in York Co., PA in circa 1785.

Their daughter Susanna Hock (the spelling of the surname got changed to Hoke) was born about 1727 (in Germany or PA).

Wilhelm Schroeder (who changed his name to William Shrader) married Susanna on 14 August 1744 in the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church in New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

William and Susanna had seven children.

Philip Shrader (1749 - d. 1 October 1778 PA) - he was a captain during the American War of Independence (1775–1783). His wife was Eva Byers.

Heinrich Jacob Shrader (1750 - 1 February 1829 in Jefferson County KY) - captain during the Revolutionary War (PA). Heinrich married Mary /Anna Maria between 1764 and 1848.

Aaron Shrader (1753 in Baltimore County, Maryland - 12 August 1826 in Butler County, Ohio). Aaron married Elizabeth Margaretha Rowen - circa 1783 (1766?) in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. They had twelve children.

Susannah Shrader (circa 1750 in Westmoreland County, PA - ?). She married Conrad Colmer - circa 1775 in Pennsylvania.

Wilhelm / William Shrader Junior (6 March 1755 in Stanton, Westmoreland Co., PA or Baltimore Co., MD - 4 August 1828 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania).  He married Anna Maria Sechrist - circa 1778 in PA. William and Anna Maria had nine children. William was a private during the Revolutionary War (PA).

Julia Ann Shrader (22 August 1762 - Baltimore Co., Maryland - before 19 January 1824 in St Landry Parish, Pennsylvania). Julia Ann had three husbands: Benedict Hoke (marriage - circa 1781 PA), capt. William Thomas (marriage - circa 1790) and Dr. John Sappington.

Maria Barbara Shrader (circa 1760 in Baltimore County, Maryland - 16 March 1842 in Columbiana County, Ohio). She married Michael Zehner on 15 February in New Alexandria, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. Maria and Michael had seven children.

I would love to find the connection of William Shrader's line to the Shrader family who lived in Texas. I would be grateful for some information on that matter.

Spring Gallery

The Spring Photo Gallery by Polish Ladies Abroad (Klub Polki na Obczy藕nie) has been online already. Many beautiful pictures from various countries in the world, where Polish ladies are.
Our photos are part of the gallery too!

To view the entire gallery, click on the photo below.