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Jacob Rippy Gant - from North Carolina to Tennessee

Five generations of our ancestors lived/were born in North Carolina.

John Gant's great-great-grandson Jacob Rippy Gant was born ∾1816 in Orange (later Alamance) County, NC. His parents were Jonathan Kerr Gant and Mary Elizabeth Trollinger.

On 26 March 1838, Jacob married Miss Doxley (Dorsey) Isley who was born around 1818 in North Carolina. The couple still lived in Orange County, NC then. Five of their children: Henry A - b. about 1838, Mary Elizabeth, Sarah C, Martha F, and John were born in North Carolina as well.
The family moved to Tennessee by 1859 - Jacob and Doxley's oldest son Henry A (our great-grandfather) got married on 11 December 1859 in Sumner County, Tennessee.
Jacob's youngest son was born around 1858/59 in Tennessee too.

The 1870 Census records inform about the family. On 6 August 1870, Jacob, his wife and children lived in the Civil District No.17 of the Sumner County, Tennessee.

Name: Jacob Gant
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1870
Event Place: Tennessee, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Race: White
Race: (Original) W
Birth Year: (Estimated) 1816-1817
Birthplace: North Carolina
Page Number 30

Jacob Gant, a. 53, b. North Carolina
Rodosky Gant, a. 50, b. North Carolina
Mary Gant, a. 25, b. North Carolina
M F Gant, a. 24, b. North Carolina
John Gant, a. 14, b. North Carolina
Woodson Gant, a. 11, b. Tennessee

Record Source:
"United States Census, 1870," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 12 April 2016), Jacob Gant, Tennessee, United States; citing p. 30, family 231, NARA microfilm publication M593 (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.); FHL microfilm 553,065.

The above records also mention that Jacob was a farmer and the family estate was worth $500. Besides, Jacob's wife Doxley was illiterate and the children, except Woodson, could not read.

Jacob Rippy Gant passed in June 1893 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

Who moved our family line from Tennessee (and where to), I will tell you some other time.

Photo: CC BY-SA 3.0,

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Lee Family

Sarah Elizabeth Allerton (b. ∾1671, Westmoreland, Westmoreland County, Virginia), our 1st cousin 8 times removed*, connects us to the Lee family.

Around 1700 in Dividing Creek, VA, Sarah married Captain Hancock Lee (b. 1653 in Dividing Creek, Northern Neck, Virginia) who was about 20 years older than her. Hancock Lee died a few years after their marriage, on 25 May 1709 in Ditchley, Northumberland, County, Virginia, American Colony.

Sarah's father-in-law, Col. Richard Henry Lee (b. 22 March 1617 in Cotton Hall, Nordley Regis, Shropshire, England/d. 1 March 1664, Cobb Hall, Dividing Creek, Northumberland, Virginia) was the Family Immigrant who (in 1639) brought the Lee family line to America.

There are many well-known names/persons among the descendants of Col. Richard Lee including his great-grandsons, signers of the American Declaration of Independence:

Francis Lightfoot Lee (b. 14 Oct. 1734, Stratford Hall, Westmoreland, Virginia/d. 11 Jan. 1797, Menokin, Richmond, Virginia)

and Richard Henry Lee (b. 20 Jan. 1732, Stratford, Westmoreland County, Virginia/d. 19 Jun. 1794, Chantilly Hill, Westmoreland County, Virginia).

Lee "The Immigrant" was also great-great-grandfather of

General Henry Lee III - the 9th Governor of Virginia (b. 29 Jan. 1756, Dumfries, Prince William County, Province of Virginia/d. 25 March 1818, Cumberland Island, Saint Mary's, Camden County, Georgia)

and Zachary Scott Taylor.

Besides, one of his descendants is a great-great-great-son Robert Edward Lee (b. 19 Jan. 1807, Stratford Hall, Westmoreland, Virginia/d. 12 Oct. 1807, Lexington, Rockbridge, Virginia).

Our cousin Sarah Elizabeth Allerton Lee died on 17 May 1731 in Ditchley, Northumberland County, Virginia.

Other connections to the Lee family are:

1.  Mr. William Fitzhugh II (b. 1679, Eagles Nest, Stafford, Virginia/d. 1713, Ravensworth, Fairfax Co., VA) - our cousin, seven times removed*. About 1705 he married Miss Ann Mary Lee (b. ∾ 1683, Machodoc, Westmoreland County, Virginia/d. 12 Jan. 1732 in Eagles Nest, Virginia). Mary Ann was a granddaughter of Col. Richard Henry Lee I, daughter of Col. Richard Henry Lee II.

2. Another cousin of ours* - William Fitzhugh III (b. 6 Jan. 1721, Stafford, VA/d. 11 Feb. 1798, Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland) who - on 28 March 1744 - married Miss Martha Lee  (b. ∾1716 in England/d. 12 Nov. 1751, Hague, Westmoreland, Virginia). Marta was Col. Richard Henry Lee's great-granddaughter.

*based on my MyHeritage reasearch

  • Coat of Arms: By Raster uploaded by Doalfe at en.wikipedia; Vectorized by ZooFari (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Col. Richard Henry Lee I: Public Domain,;
  • Francis Lightfoot Lee: Public Domain,;
  • Richard Henry Lee:  [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons;
  • Gen. Henry Lee III: By William Edward West (1788-1857)[1] - Transferred from de.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,;
  • Richard E. Lee: by Julian Vannerson [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Johannes Sigmann and Sigmann Family - German Connection

There are quite a few side branches of our family tree which lead us to Germany or Prussia. One of them is the line of our uncle by marriage, Mr. Richard Lee Sigman.

Richard was born on 6 August 1914 in Harrison County, Texas. On 23 March 1934, he married Miss Cora Belle McIntosh. They had three sons and four daughters.

Richard's grandfather, Mr. Archibald L Sigman was born in Georgia in 1835, but he moved to Texas. It must have happened before 1860 because The Census record of 1860 mentions him, his wife and two children. They lived in Panola, Texas. The child named Dozier was born in 1858 in Texas.

United States Census, 1860
Name: Archibd Sigman
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1860
Event Place: Beat 7, Panola, Texas, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: White
Race: (Original) [Blank]
Birth Year: (Estimated) 1835
Birthplace: Georgia
Page 29

Archibd Sigman, age 25, b. Georgia
Mary Sigman, (wife) age 19, b. Georgia
Dozier Sigman, son age 2, b. Texas
Delpha Sigman, daughter, age 0, b. Texas

Record Source

"United States Census, 1860", database with images, FamilySearch ( : 12 December 2017), Archibd Sigman, 1860.

What we can also learn from that record is that Archibald was a hatter and the value of his personal estate was $500.

Richard Lee Sigman's great-grandfather of the name Barnet Eli Sigman was born in Catawba, North Carolina (about 1795). His great-great-grandfather Christopher Sigman came to this world in Tinicum, Bucks, Pennsylvania  (on 20 August 1766). During his life, Christopher relocated to North Carolina, where he passed on 21 August 1841.

Jörg Bernhardt Siegman who is the next ancestor in Richard Lee's family line was born in 1722 in Hüffenhardt, Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Although he died in Lincoln, North Carolina (21 April 1769), it was his father Johannes who was the adult family Immigrant and took Jörg and his siblings to America.

Johannes Sigmann was born on 24 August 1689 (in Hüffenhardt as well) to Georg Sigmann and Margaretha Brenner. Johannes had three wives. He married his first wife Anna Barbara Barleth on 24 October 1713 in Hüffenhardt. She died at the age of 20, about two years later (on 2 February 1715).

Hüffenhardt - city council building

Maria Barbara Manns, daughter of Johann Georg and Maria Manns was Johannes' second wife. They got married where they both lived (in Hüffenhardt) on 18 January 1715.

Mentioned in the record of Johann Sigman and Maria Barbara Mann
Name: Johann Sigman
Spouse's Name: Maria Barbara Mann
Event Date: 18 Jun 1715
Event Place: Evangelisch, Huffenhardt, Mosbach, Baden

Record Source:
"Deutschland Heiraten, 1558-1929," database, FamilySearch ( : 11 February 2018), Johann Sigman and Maria Barbara Mann, 18 Jun 1715; citing Evangelisch, Huffenhardt, Mosbach, Baden; FHL microfilm 1,189,311.

Maria Barbara was born on 18 March 1692. She died after 18 days in child birth, on 29 December 1728. Johannes was a widower again. Not long, though. On 24 November 1729, in the evangelical church of Hüffenhardt he married Miss Maria Rosina Umberger, daughter of Hans Conrad and Ana Rosina Umberger.

Maria Rosina Umberger (marriage record)
mentioned in the record of Johannes Sigmann and Maria Rosina Umberger
Name: Johannes Sigmann
Spouse's Name: Maria Rosina Umberger
Event Date: 24 Apr 1729
Event Place:: Evangelisch, Huffenhardt, Mosbach, Baden

Record Source:
"Deutschland Heiraten, 1558-1929," database, FamilySearch ( : 11 February 2018), Johannes Sigmann and Maria Rosina Umberger, 24 Apr 1729; citing Evangelisch, Huffenhardt, Mosbach, Baden; FHL microfilm 1,189,311.

Portal of the evangelical chuch in Hüffenhardt

 Maria Rosina was 28 then, her husband Johannes was 40 and he worked as a smith.

Maria Rosina Umberger
Deutschland Geburten und Taufen (Germany Births and Baptisms 1558 - 1898)
Name Maria: Rosina Umberger
Event Date: 1677 - 1838
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 29 Jul 1701
Father's Name: Hanns Conrad Umberger
Mother's Name: Ana Rosina

Record Source:
"Deutschland Geburten und Taufen, 1558-1898," database, FamilySearch ( : 11 February 2018), Maria Rosina Umberger, 29 Jul 1701; citing ; FHL microfilm 1,336,611.

In 1738, Johannes, his children and Maria Rosina emigrated to America. They travelled on the ship "Charming Nancy" which belonged to Mr. Benedict Arnold. The ship left Rotterdam (last from Cowes, England) and arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 9 November 1738. There is the passenger list where Johannes and his three sons Hans Georg (b. 1716), Johannes (b. 1720), and Jorg Bernhard (b. 1722) are listed under the name of Sighman. It seems rather interesting that only male passengers were recorded. Females' names were not on listed at all.

Picture of the city council: By p.schmelzle [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], from Wikimedia Commons,
Portal of the church picture: By p.schmelzle [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], from Wikimedia Commons,
Information based on my MyHeritage reasearch.

Wywiady Klubowe: Rozmowa z Anną Hofstätter

Za nami już 32 wywiady, w których to przedstawiły się nam 32 panie należące do Klubu Polki na Obczyźnie. Dziękujemy Czytelnikom, tym stałym, którzy dotrwali z nami do wywiadu numer 33, tym nowym i tym przypadkowym gościom na blogu - wszystkim, których interesuje to, co mają do powiedzenia nasze Polki/blogerki.

Dzisiaj rozmawiamy z Anią, którą tradycyjnie pytamy:

Aniu, gdzie jest Twoje miejsce w Polsce?

Najbardziej identyfikuję się z Iławą, gdzie spędziłam czasy szkoły podstawowej i liceum. Ta niewielka, malownicza miejscowość na Warmii- Mazurach ukształtowała moją osobowość. Potem przyszły studia w Olsztynie, moim drugim mieście. Jednak tak naprawdę tym, kim jestem, stałam się na obczyźnie.

Jak dawno temu wyjechałaś z Polski?

W Austrii mieszkam od 2004 roku. Niedługo mieszkałam pod Salzburgiem, ale to Wiedeń jest moim domem.

Kraj i przyczyna Twojej emigracji to...

Wyjechałam, żeby nauczyć się języka niemieckiego. W planie był powrót do Polski. Po drodze jednak pozmieniały się koleje życia i zostałam w Austrii.

Jakie masz wykształcenie?

Jestem magistrem fizjoterapii i ten zawód wykonuję na co dzień. Zawsze chciałam skończyć studia wyższe. Tak bardzo mi zależało, że przez dwa lata co tydzień jeździłam z Wiednia do Wrocławia do szkoły. To był trudny czas, ale jestem z siebie dumna i zadowolona, że spełniłam swoje marzenie.

Czym zajmujesz się na co dzień?

Teraz jestem w ciąży i wychowuję synka. Niedługo do nas dołączy córka. A co po macierzyńskim - przekonamy się...

Jakie masz hobby / co lubisz robić w czasie wolnym?

Bardzo lubię robótki ręczne i inne twórcze i kreatywne działania. Ostatnio jednak skupiam swoje wysiłki i poświęcam czas miastu (odkrywanie, zwiedzanie) oraz blogowaniu.

Z czego jesteś dumna?

Jestem dumna z tego, jak udało mi się wypracować to, co mam tj. szczęśliwe małżeństwo i rodzinę. Związek to przecież zadanie do wypełniania na co dzień.

Kiedy zaczęłaś pisać bloga / o czym piszesz na blogu?

Pierwszego bloga, który „umarł” prawie od razu pisałam zaraz na początku emigracji. Tak naprawdę nie umiałam tego robić. Potem był blog o rękodziele i z niego wyewoluował obecny. Jestem też z niego dumna. To dużo pracy i czasu, żeby rósł i rozwijał się oraz nabierał i dawał wartość czytelnikom.
Piszę głównie o Wiedniu i Austrii. O stronie turystycznej i emigracyjnej, o tym, jak się tu żyje i o języku austriackim (niemieckim).

Czym jest dla Ciebie Klub Polki?

Spotkaniem wyjątkowych, pozytywnych osób, które dobrze się rozumieją, bo mają podobny punkt wyjścia.

Co jeszcze chciałabyś nam powiedzieć o sobie?

Bardzo mnie cieszy każda osoba, która znajdzie coś ciekawego dla siebie na moim blogu. Ostatnio stworzyłam listę darmowych muzeów w Wiedniu, którą można pobrać. Serdecznie zapraszam na

Anna Hofstätter

Aniu, dziękujemy za rozmowę i Twój udział w Wywiadach. Życzymy szczęśliwego rozwiązania i wszelkiej pomyślności!

 Zdjęcia: Anna Hofstätter

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Jarrot Howard

Jarrot Howard, our great-great-grandfather, was born on 31 July 1810 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. His parents were Christopher Howard and Rebecca Hayes. At the age of 22, Jarrot married Miss  Nancy Walker born circa 1815 in Bowling Green as well. It happened on 14 March 1832 in Monroe County, Kentucky.

Two years later, on 30 November, the first and only child was born to Jarrot and Nancy's family. The parents named the boy William James. When he was about six years old, his mother Nancy passed away (on 13 June 1840).

Jarrot remarried pretty soon after his first wife died. On 26 August 1840, he entered the matrimony with Miss Lucettie Abigail Thomas, daughter of James Tolbert Thomas and Elizabeth Breed. The couple's first five children Mary Ellen (b. 9 Sept 1841), Samuel Tolbert (b. 25 July 1843), Elizabeth B (b. 7 August 1845), James T (b. 11 November 1847), and Harmon (b. 27 December 1849) were born in Bowling County, Kentucky.

At the beginning of the 1850s, Jarrot, Abigail and their children moved to Texas. They travelled in a wagon which was drawn by oxen till they reached Collin County.
Jarrot bought some land there. It was 320 acres on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas (which cost $3/acre) and some more acres on Spring Creek, Collin County (in that case he paid $3.50/acre).

Collin County (marked in red), Texas

Two more children were born to Jarrot and Abigail in Texas. First, it was Lucetta Susan (b. 5 March 1852 in Plano, TX). Then, on 12 February 1855, Garrot (Jarrot) Howard Jr. came to this world.

At the end of his life, Jarrot was the owner of 380 acres of land on Turtle Creek, 320 acres on Spring Creek and a few hundred other acres in Collin County as well.

Jarrot Howard died on 25 November 1854 in Plano, Collin, TX. He was buried at the Plano Mutual Cemetery.

Three years after his death, on 15 October 1857, Abigail married again. Her spouse was Mr. William M Forman II, son of William Forman I and Ruth Chenoweth. William Forman II was born on 7 September 1820 in Nelson County, Kentucky. Abigail and William Forman II had two daughters and four sons.

Searching the Internet, I found out that William Forman I  was the first postmaster in Plano, Collin County, Texas and Forman Elementary School in Plano, Texas was named after William M Forman II and his wife Abigail.

Aigail Forman passed on 20 January 1897, about a year after her second husband died. She lived 73 years, six months and four days.

As for Jarrot and Abigail's children

Mary Ellen married De Witt Clint Forman, son of William Forman I. If the date of her death (1964) on her gravestone is correct, she lived about 122 years.

Samuel Tolbert - in 1871 he married Miss Ellen Leach (b. on 29 February 1852 in Indiana to Mr. Owen D. Leach and Ms. Elizabeth Light). Samuel and Ellen had two sons Jarrot F and William. Samuel died on 4 January 1894 in Plano, TX.

Elizabeth B passed on 17 January 1854 in Plano.

James T passed on 8 February1869 in Plano.

Harmon died on 13 November 1890 in Elgin, Union, Oregon.

Lucetta - around 1875 she married Mr. William L Meroney (b. about 1850). Lucetta passed on 5 December 1883.

Garrot - died on 25 Feb. 1877 in Plano, Texas.

Map of Texas highlighting Collin County - By David Benbennick [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons,
Information based on my own research and the data provided by cousin Rachel L. B,

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Gordon, Knox & Fitzhugh Families

Mr. Samuel Gordon was born in 1722 in Ayrshire/Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. On 1 June 1748, he married Miss Nicholas (such a name appears in records, but I guess the lady's name was Nichola) Brown who was born about 1725 in Cragencallie, Scotland.

 The couple lived in Kirkcudbright, Scotland, they had ten children: Gizel, unnamed child (probably stillborn), Elizabeth, John, Penelope, Nicholas, Samuel, Alexander, Alexander, and Basil.
Nichola died on 18 November 1785, her husband Samuel Sr. passed on 22 1799.

Two of their sons Samuel and Basil emigrated to America. Samuel Jr. was born in Scotland on 15 October 1759. Basil was probably born about or before 1766, he was christened on 12 May 1766.

From Scotland Birth and Baptism Records:
Name: Samuel Gordon
Gender: Male
Wife: Nicholas Brown
Son: Basil Gordon
Christening Date: 12 May 1766
Father's Name: Samuel Gordon
Mother's Name: Nicholas Brown

Record Source:
"Scotland Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Samuel Gordon in entry for Basil Gordon, ; citing Kirkcudbright, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, reference 2:165FKD5, index based upon data collected by the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City; FHL microfilm 1,068,032.

The two brothers are not our main interest right now. It is their older brother John Gordon, born circa 1752 in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.

John did not travel to America. He lived, got married (around 1782) and died in Scotland. John's spouse was Miss Marion Brown (b. 12 March 1757). They had two daughters and seven sons.

John left this world on 22 Feb. 1822 in Lochdougan, Kirkcudbrightshire, Marion lived longer - she died on 5 June 1837 in Gatehouse, Kirkcudbright, Scotland.

John and Marion's son who leads us to our main family line was Samuel Gordon, born circa 1785, Lochdougan, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland. He married Miss Agnes Knox (b. circa 1787) - our fourth cousin four times removed.

Agnes' ancestors were:


Mother: Susannah Stuart Fitzhugh (b. 1751, Overwharton Parish, Stafford, Virginia - d. 1823, Belmont, Charlottesville, Virginia)
Father: William Knox (b. 7 March 1735, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland - d. 1805, Stafford, Virginia).


Paternal side:
John Knox and Janet Sommervell

Maternal side:
Thomas Fitzhugh (b. 16 July 1725, Boscobell Plantation, Virginia - d. 1 Dec. 1768, VA)
Sarah Stuart (b. about 1731, King George, Virginia - d. ∾1783 VA)

And here we are: Thomas Fitzhugh was a great-grandson of Rose Tucker nee Allerton - our direct ancestor. But that is not all. Agnes' sister Susannah Fitzhugh Knox (b. ∾ 1775, Culpeper County, Virginia - d. 10 July 1869, Fredericksburg, Virginia) married Samuel Gordon Jr. mentioned at the top of this post.

  • Flag of Scotland: By none known ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Information based on my MyHeritage research

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Daniel Morgan

The person who links us to Daniel Morgan and other more and less known individuals/names is our Absalom Bobo's wife Mary Gant (nee Boone) whom I wrote about in this post.

Daniel Morgan was related to the Boone family.
If you are not sure who Daniel Morgan was, I remind only that he was a politician of Virginia and general whose leadership led to a vital victory during American Revolutionary War.

How does Mary Boone connect us to Mr. Daniel Morgan? I partially explained it (regarding Daniel Boone) in the post linked above. Here is the direct line which goes through 7 generations:

Mary Gant (Boone)
her father Hiram Boone (b. 1765, Culpepper County, Virginia - d. 13 March 1826, Woodford, Kentucky) ➦
his father Hezekiah Boone ( 22 May 1735, Exeter, Berks, PA - 20 Dec. 1823, Woodford, Kentucky) ➦
his father George Boone (13 July 1690, Bradninch, Devonshire, England - 20 Nov. 1753, Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania) ➦
his brother Squire Maugridge Boone, Sr. (25 Nov. 1696, Bradninch, Devonshire, England - 2 Jan. 1765, Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, Colonial America) ➦
his wife Sarah Boone / nee Morgan ( b. 23 Sept. 1700 in Towamencin Township, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, Colonial America - d. 1 Jan. 1777,  Mocksville, Davie, North Carolina)
her brother Joseph James Morgan, Sr. (b. 1702, Montgomery, PA - d. 1782, Frederick, Virginia) 
his son Daniel Morgan (b. 6 July 1736, Battletown, Hunterdon, New Jersey - d. 6 July 1802, Winchester, Frederick, Virginia). 

Information based on my MyHeritage research.

Charles Willson Peale [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons