Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Folk Art T-Shirt #1

I have been thinking of decorating T-shirts for quite a long time. Finally, The day came I did paint my first T-shirt. You can see the results of it in the pictures included below. I was not sure how it all would work as I had never done it before. It appeared, fabric painting is quite a time consuming process - you need to wait for several hours till the first layer of paint gets dry and is ready to add other colors. But I did enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Frankly speaking, I also quite like the final effect of my first T-shirt painting attempt.

I am planning to decorate more (brand new, blank) T-shirts, with similar patterns which I painted on the wall decor boards. Meaning: the little creatures designed by myself and folk patterns of the Kashubian region (Poland). You can see those boards here.

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My Folk Art T-shirt #1

My Folk Art T-shirt #1

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