Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

This policy is valid from June 19, 2020


The blog contains posts about:
  1. Our family ancestry research and ancestors.
  2. Comments on our life experiences and our personal impressions connected with everyday life matters.
  3. Things we have purchased ourselves - products of our choice which we have used, and which we like.
  4. Product Reviews - if we receive an item for free, it is disclosed in the post describing the particular product. We do not write reviews based on pictures only.
In our posts/on our blog we express our personal, honest opinion, beliefs, and experiences.
We do not mean to offend anybody.

This blog accepts sponsorship and other forms of compensation.

Every sponsored post contains a disclaimer informing readers of the post sponsorship.

Compensation may influence the content of a post but we do not write positive comments on products (or something else) which we do not like or, which we believe, would not be good for our readers.

We do not write posts/reviews on products that we have not used.

If you decide to use a product described on this blog, do consult the manufacturer first - read the information on the product provided by its manufacturer. Make sure the particular product is relevant to your individual/personal needs.

The blog is not involved in any conflict of interest.
The blog owner(s) are not financially related to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.

All the blog entries - texts and photographs are created by ourselves. If a picture has not been taken by ourselves - the source is given.

Do not copy the contents of this blog, do not use our texts/photos, website elements, and do not publish them anywhere else without the permission of the blog owner.

Privacy Policy

The author of this blog (including its sub-blogs In The Kitchen With Tobo, Our Cats and Friends) does not collect any data on blog users/blog visitors.

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Readers of the blog are welcome to comment on the blog posts. However, comments including inappropriate/ offensive contents or/and links to other websites will be deleted.

If you decide to leave a comment on the blog pages, be aware that having been published, your comment (and your name included in it) will stay visible on this blog to anybody who has Internet access.

If you send me an email I do not share your name/email address with other parties unless there is a suspicion, the content of your email/message or your actions may be related to illegal activities.

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