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Lee Family

Sarah Elizabeth Allerton (b. ≈1671, Westmoreland, Westmoreland County, Virginia), our 1st cousin 8 times removed*, connects us to the Lee family.

Around 1700 in Dividing Creek, VA, Sarah married Captain Hancock Lee (b. 1653 in Dividing Creek, Northern Neck, Virginia) who was about 20 years older than her. Hancock Lee died a few years after their marriage, on 25 May 1709 in Ditchley, Northumberland, County, Virginia, American Colony.

Sarah's father-in-law, Col. Richard Henry Lee (b. 22 March 1617 in Cotton Hall, Nordley Regis, Shropshire, England/d. 1 March 1664, Cobb Hall, Dividing Creek, Northumberland, Virginia) was the Family Immigrant who (in 1639) brought the Lee family line to America.

There are many well-known names/persons among the descendants of Col. Richard Lee including his great-grandsons, signers of the American Declaration of Independence:

Francis Lightfoot Lee (b. 14 Oct. 1734, Stratford Hall, Westmoreland, Virginia/d. 11 Jan. 1797, Menokin, Richmond, Virginia)

and Richard Henry Lee (b. 20 Jan. 1732, Stratford, Westmoreland County, Virginia/d. 19 Jun. 1794, Chantilly Hill, Westmoreland County, Virginia).

Lee "The Immigrant" was also great-great-grandfather of

General Henry Lee III - the 9th Governor of Virginia (b. 29 Jan. 1756, Dumfries, Prince William County, Province of Virginia/d. 25 March 1818, Cumberland Island, Saint Mary's, Camden County, Georgia)

and Zachary Scott Taylor.

Besides, one of his descendants is a great-great-great-son Robert Edward Lee (b. 19 Jan. 1807, Stratford Hall, Westmoreland, Virginia/d. 12 Oct. 1807, Lexington, Rockbridge, Virginia).

Our cousin Sarah Elizabeth Allerton Lee died on 17 May 1731 in Ditchley, Northumberland County, Virginia.

Other connections to the Lee family are:

1.  Mr. William Fitzhugh II (b. 1679, Eagles Nest, Stafford, Virginia/d. 1713, Ravensworth, Fairfax Co., VA) - our cousin, seven times removed*. About 1705 he married Miss Ann Mary Lee (b. ≈ 1683, Machodoc, Westmoreland County, Virginia/d. 12 Jan. 1732 in Eagles Nest, Virginia). Mary Ann was a granddaughter of Col. Richard Henry Lee I, daughter of Col. Richard Henry Lee II.

2. Another cousin of ours* - William Fitzhugh III (b. 6 Jan. 1721, Stafford, VA/d. 11 Feb. 1798, Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland) who - on 28 March 1744 - married Miss Martha Lee  (b. ≈1716 in England/d. 12 Nov. 1751, Hague, Westmoreland, Virginia). Marta was Col. Richard Henry Lee's great-granddaughter.

*based on my MyHeritage reasearch

  • Coat of Arms: By Raster uploaded by Doalfe at en.wikipedia; Vectorized by ZooFari (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Col. Richard Henry Lee I:
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  • Francis Lightfoot Lee:
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  • Richard Henry Lee:  [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons;
  • Gen. Henry Lee III: By William Edward West (1788-1857)[1] - Transferred from de.wikipedia to Commons.,
    Public Domain,;
  • Richard E. Lee: by Julian Vannerson
    [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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