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Robert Tucker - Our English Roots

Robert Tucker is our direct great-grandfather (12 generations back).

He was born in Stockland, Devon, England, on 26 Nov. 1487. The village still exists. It would be so nice to visit the place one day. Or even live there.

Devon UK locator map 2010

In 1524, at the age of 37‏, Robert married 26-year-old Miss Joan Palmer who was born in 1498 in Thorverton, Devon, England, to John Palmer and Elizabeth Bilton. The marriage took place in Exeter, Devon.

Robert and Joan had possibly ten children - seven sons: John, Richard, Robert, William, Hugh, William (2), and Henrye, and three daughters: Martha, Johane, and Grace. I wrote "possibly" because I had found two daughters of the same name Martha. One of them was born in 1528, the year of birth of the other one is unknown. Maybe it is a research glitch and there was only one Martha, I am not sure.

When Robert was 52, on 7 Jan. 1540, his son and our direct ancestor, was born. His name was William Tucker, he was born in Exeter, Devonshire, England.

About the year 1565, William married Miss Honer Erisey born in 1529 in Cornwall. The couple had seven children: Robert, John, William, Florence, Thomas, Dorothie, and William Daniel. The youngest son is our main ancestry line.

William Daniel Tucker was born in Plymouth, Cornwall, England on 7 Jan. 1589. His father William died in 1582 in Exeter.

I have come across the information that in 1579, when he still lived in England, William married Miss Elizabeth Mansfield. It happened in Milton, Kent, England. The couple had two sons William and Daniel. If this is correct, maybe William Daniel's first wife died before he emigrated?
In 1610 William Daniel left England and went to America. No info on Elizabeth though.

William was a trading merchant and Virginia pioneer/colonist.

William Daniel married Miss Marye Elizabeth Thompson, a daughter of Mr. Robert Thompson and Ms. Elizabeth Harsnett. Marye was born around 1599 in Walton, Hertfordshire, England. Some sources say that the marriage took place in Jamestown, James City, Virginia, others that it was in Elizabeth city in Virginia. Anyway, William and Marye had seven children including 'our' John born on 8 Sept. 1626 in Westmoreland, Virginia.

There has been a confusion regarding William Daniel's parents. In some family trees, they appear to be John Tucker and Alice Pelham. According to the data which I found in Pedigree Files on, most likely there were  two different men of the name William Tucker born in the same year. However, the other one was born not on 7 January but on 6 April, not in Stockland but in Gravesend, England. Furthermore, in those trees William's grandparents are William Tucker and Honer Erisey. In our tree, they are William Daniel's parents. It looks as if there could be a mix-up and that second William's father John could have actually been 'our' William Daniel's brother.

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