Monday, August 7, 2017

Found in Family Tree: President Zachary Taylor

According to my findings, Zachary Taylor appears in our family tree as the fourth cousin five times removed.

Governor William Brewster is Z. Taylor's direct ancestor (and ours as well).

Here is Zachary Taylor's direct family line:

Gov. Elder William Brewsterhis daughter - Fear Allerton (born Brewster)  → her brother - Isaac Allerton Jr. his daughter - Sarah Lee (born Allerton)her daughter - Elizabeth Taylor (born Lee)her son - Richard Lee Taylor﹢Sarah Dabney Taylor (born Strother) → Zachary Talor.

Zachary Taylor was the third son of Richard Lee and Sarah Dabney's. He was born on November 24, 1784, in Orange County, Virginia.

Since you can read his biography in every encyclopedia, I am not going to repeat it here. However, I need to mention that Zachary Taylor was a war hero (War of 1812, the Black Hawk War, the second Seminole War, Mexican-American War) and a national hero at his own time. He was 12th President of the USA (elected 1848).

Major General Zachary Taylor was a military commander who led his troops to victory, had glorious military achievements and a brilliant military career.

Zachary Taylor married  Margaret Mackall Smith on June 21, 1810, in Louisville County, Kentucky. The couple had six children.

Sadly, Mr. Taylor died of serious digestion system disorder after eating a lot of fresh cherries, accompanied by drinking cold milk. Quite an irony you could say, considering the dangers of the wars he had survived and had gone through.

President Taylor died on July 9, 1850, after five days of suffering from acute gastroenteritis.

God bless his soul.

These days it seems quite obvious that such a diet composition, meaning having fruit and milk at the same time is likely to cause stomach and bowels 'revolution'. At least I was taught it by my mom. On the other hand, maybe our contemporary knowledge is a result of such lethal experiences of our ancestors. Who knows.

Remember - never drink milk when you eat fruits, including tomatoes. It is better to avoid any other cold drinks then. I have known someone who did have a tomato and milk and regretted it very badly. No, it was not me. Just someone I used to work with. Luckily, that person did not die, though.


By Zachary_Taylor_half_plate_daguerreotype_c1843-45.png: unknown, possibly Maguire of New Orleans derivative work: Beao [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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