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Jarrot Howard

Jarrot Howard, our great-great-grandfather, was born on 31 July 1810 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. His parents were Christopher Howard and Rebecca Hayes. At the age of 22, Jarrot married Miss  Nancy Walker born circa 1815 in Bowling Green as well. It happened on 14 March 1832 in Monroe County, Kentucky.

Two years later, on 30 November, the first and only child was born to Jarrot and Nancy's family. The parents named the boy William James. When he was about six years old, his mother Nancy passed away (on 13 June 1840).

Jarrot remarried pretty soon after his first wife died. On 26 August 1840, he entered the matrimony with Miss Lucettie Abigail Thomas, daughter of James Tolbert Thomas and Elizabeth Breed. The couple's first five children Mary Ellen (b. 9 Sept 1841), Samuel Tolbert (b. 25 July 1843), Elizabeth B (b. 7 August 1845), James T (b. 11 November 1847), and Harmon (b. 27 December 1849) were born in Bowling County, Kentucky.

At the beginning of the 1850s, Jarrot, Abigail and their children moved to Texas. They travelled in a wagon which was drawn by oxen till they reached Collin County.
Jarrot bought some land there. It was 320 acres on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas (which cost $3/acre) and some more acres on Spring Creek, Collin County (in that case he paid $3.50/acre).

Collin County (marked in red), Texas

Two more children were born to Jarrot and Abigail in Texas. First, it was Lucetta Susan (b. 5 March 1852 in Plano, TX). Then, on 12 February 1855, Garrot (Jarrot) Howard Jr. came to this world.

At the end of his life, Jarrot was the owner of 380 acres of land on Turtle Creek, 320 acres on Spring Creek and a few hundred other acres in Collin County as well.

Jarrot Howard died on 25 November 1854 in Plano, Collin, TX. He was buried at the Plano Mutual Cemetery.

Three years after his death, on 15 October 1857, Abigail married again. Her spouse was Mr. William M Forman II, son of William Forman I and Ruth Chenoweth. William Forman II was born on 7 September 1820 in Nelson County, Kentucky. Abigail and William Forman II had two daughters and four sons.

Searching the Internet, I found out that William Forman I  was the first postmaster in Plano, Collin County, Texas and Forman Elementary School in Plano, Texas was named after William M Forman II and his wife Abigail.

Aigail Forman passed on 20 January 1897, about a year after her second husband died. She lived 73 years, six months and four days.

As for Jarrot and Abigail's children

Mary Ellen married De Witt Clint Forman, son of William Forman I. If the date of her death (1964) on her gravestone is correct, she lived about 122 years.

Samuel Tolbert - in 1871 he married Miss Ellen Leach (b. on 29 February 1852 in Indiana to Mr. Owen D. Leach and Ms. Elizabeth Light). Samuel and Ellen had two sons Jarrot F and William. Samuel died on 4 January 1894 in Plano, TX.

Elizabeth B passed on 17 January 1854 in Plano.

James T passed on 8 February1869 in Plano.

Harmon died on 13 November 1890 in Elgin, Union, Oregon.

Lucetta - around 1875 she married Mr. William L Meroney (b. about 1850). Lucetta passed on 5 December 1883.

Garrot - died on 25 Feb. 1877 in Plano, Texas.

Map of Texas highlighting Collin County - By David Benbennick [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons,
Information based on my own research and the data provided by cousin Rachel L. B,

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