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Tucker Family

In one of my previous posts our great-great-grandmother Rachel Obelier Stimson was mentioned. Her maiden name was Tucker. Today, I tell you more about her (and our) direct family line.

Rachel parents were David Tucker born about 1762 in Amelia County, Virginia and Miss Frances "Fanny" Old. Nothing is known about Fanny, though.

Her grandparents were

William Tucker, Sr. born circa 1718 in Prince George, Virginia, British Colonies. Before 1740, he married Miss Ann - surname unknown. William died on 19 March 1791. Probably in Powhatan County, Virginia.

Rachel's great-grandparents

Robert Tucker Junior - born in Charles City County, Virginia on 10 May 1676. Robert's wife was  Elizabeth Parham (born circa 1680 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia), daughter of Thomas Parham III and Elizabeth Parham nee Branch. Robert and Elizabeth got married in 1698 in Charles City, VA. They had five sons and two daughters. William (Rachel's grandfather) was the couple's youngest son.
Mrs. Elizabeth Tucker passed in 1718. A year later Robert remarried. His second wife was Martha Eppes (daughter of Francis Littleberry Eppes and Anne Isham).
Robert Tucker Jr. passed away on 26 Sept. 1744 in Amelia County, Virginia.

 The Governor's palace in Williamsburg. 
The city was the capital of Virginia from 1699 to 1780

Rachel's great-great-grandparents

Robert Tucker (b. ≈1652/d. ≈1704 in Charles City County, VA). Robert married Miss Elizabeth Coleman about 1676. Elizabeth's father was Mr. Robert Coleman. She was born  ≈1657 in Charles City Co., VA/d. on 21 Dec. 1722 in Amelia County, VA).
Robert and Elizabeth had nine children - six sons and three daughters.


John Tucker who was born (8 Sept. 1626), lived and died (5 May 1671) in Westmoreland County, Virginia. His wife was Rose Allerton (b. ≈1633 in Carleton Manor, Yorkshire, England), daughter of Isaac Allerton Sr. and Fear Brewster. John and Rose got married on 26 Oct. 1625.
They are our 7 times great-grandparents. Rose Allerton was also an aunt of Sarah Elizabeth Allerton Lee's.

Which ancestors of the Tucker family were the Immigrants?

The answer is: William Daniel Tucker and his wife Marye Elizabeth Thompson - Rachel's 4 times, and our 10 times great-grandparents.

William was born on 7 Jan. 1589 in Egloshayle or Plymouth, Cornwall, England.

Northeastward view of Plymouth Sound from Mount Edgcumbe Country Park in Cornwall

Miss Marye Elizabeth Thompson was born circa 1599 in Walton, Hertfordshire, England to Robert Thompson and Elizabeth Harsnett. William and Marye were married ≈ 1621 in Saint John, Hackney, London, England.

St. Johns Church - Hackney

Marye Tucker deceased around 1640 in Elizabeth City, Virginia. Her husband passed about four years later.

1. By Ron Cogswell - The Governor's Palace -- Williamsburg (VA) September 2012, CC BY 2.0,;
2. Cornwall - By Robert Brimacombe - Wednesday 12thMarch 2008 035, CC BY 2.0,;
3. Hackney - St John's - By Tarquin Binary (Fin Fahey) - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

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