Monday, April 9, 2018

John Gant - From Virginia to North Carolina

I have already told you about our direct ancestor Thomas Gant who emigrated from England to Virginia. The man who moved our family line from Virginia to North Carolina was Thomas' grandson and our 6 times great-grandfather John.

John was born in Isle of Wight County on 15 February 1710. His parents were John Gent and Sarah Boone mentioned in the post linked above.

John Gant married Miss Anna Brantley, a daughter of John Edward Brantley and Elizabeth Clay. The marriage took place in the year 1730 on 4th April in Isle of Wight, Virginia, British Colonial America.

Two years later John's mother Sarah passed - it was on 4 September 1732. His both parents were buried in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

 Probably by the year 1740 John moved to North Carolina. I found some information about John's son Thomas who was born there around 1735. Anyway, another son of his was born to the family in 1740 in Shocco District, Granville, North Carolina. The boy's name was James.

According to my findings, John had nine sons: William, John Spencer, and Isham were born in Virginia. The other ones: Thomas, James, Andrew, Edward, Charles, and Lewis Bobo were born in North Carolina.

The information regarding Anna's (John's wife's) date of birth and death is unclear.

Version 1:  She was born on 23 Agust 1712 in Edgecombe, North Carolina, died in Franklin, North Carolina, on 19 April 1781.
Version 2: Anna was born in 1707 and died around 1731 in Isle of Wight Virginia before John emigrated to America.

There has also been an assumption that John had another wife of the surname Bobo (in relation to John's youngest son's middle name).

John Gant passed on 3 September 1783 in Franklin, North Carolina.

Our ancestors lived in North Carolina for a few generations. Where they moved next and when it happened I will tell you soon.

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