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Mary Boone Gant & Boone Family

Probably you have heard about Daniel Boone - pioneer, frontiersman, Revolutionary War hero, founder of the village named Boonesborough, which was one of the very first settlements in Kentucky (Virginia then). Maybe you have also heard about his brother Squire, who was quite a person as well. Well, they are our indirect relatives, related to our family via Mary Gant nee Boone.
Daniel Boone was Mary's second cousin twice removed.

Daniel Boone

Wish I had a photograph of Mary's portrait bus since I do not have one, I can only include the image of her cousin's.

Here is the family line which connects the two of them:

Mary Gant (Boone)
her father Hiram Boone (b. 1765, Culpepper County, Virginia - d. 13 March 1826, Woodford, Kentucky) ➦
his father Hezekiah Boone ( 22 May 1735, Exeter, Berks, PA - 20 Dec. 1823, Woodford, Kentucky) ➦
his father George Boone (13 July 1690, Bradninch, Devonshire, England - 20 Nov. 1753, Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania) ➦
his brother Squire Maugridge Boone, Sr. (25 Nov. 1696, Bradninch, Devonshire, England - 2 Jan. 1765, Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, Colonial America) ➦
his son Daniel Boone ( 2 Nov. 1734, Birdsboro near Reading, Oley Valley, Berks County, Province of Pennsylvania, Colonial America - 26 Sept. 1820, Nathan Boone's house, Defiance, Femme Osage Creek, St. Charles County, Missouri).

Miss Mary Boone connects us to quite a few other family lines/branches including such surnames as Eisenhower, Mitchell, Stover, Grant, Van Bibber, Evans, Sanders, Scott, Hays, Scholl, Mead, Hughes, Bennett, Patterson, Hulings, Whitaker, Thomas, Milton, Powell, and Moulton (to mention only the main ones). I am going to tell you more about some of those connections. Therefore, I think Mary and her immediate family need to be introduced here in a more detailed way.

Mary Boone was born on 26 May 1803 in Columbia, Adair, Kentucky to Hiram Boone and Lucy Ann Smith.

On 15 October 1822, Mary married our cousin six times removed Absalom Bobo Gant, son of Lewis Bobo Gant and Mary Armstrong. It happened in Clifton, Wayne County, Tennessee. Absalom Bobo was born on 25 February 1800 in Abbeville, Abbeville County, South Carolina.
Mary and Absalom had eleven children - seven daughters and four sons.

Daughters of Absalom and Mary's

  • Lucy Ann - born 3 April 1824 in Stantonville, Harding, Tennessee/died 8 October 1875 in Hardin, TN. Lucy married Mr. E.A. Polk (around 1844 in Wayne Co., TN);
  • Elizabeth Jane - b. 19 June 1826, Stantonville, Hardin Co, TN/d. 10 Dec. 1910, Weatherford, Parker Co, TX). On 2 Sept. 1826 in Clifton, Wayne Co., Tennessee, Elizabeth married  Thomas Jefferson Kindel (b.17 Nov. 1824) - Texas connection;
  •  Mary Huldah - b. 10 Dec. 1834, Martin, Weakley, TN/d. 25 April 1859 in Wayne, TN. Mary married Bruce Childress (b. around 1930);
  • Nancy Emarintha - b. 19 Oct. 1837 in Martin Mills, Wayne, Tennesse/d. 19 May 1920 in Temple, Bell, Texas. On 25 Sept. 1850 Nacy married Mr. W. H. A. Atkins (born 1833) - Texas connection;
  • Irene (Martha J) - b. 6 Feb. 1840, Martin Mills, Wayne, Tennesse/d. 10 Feb. 1896 in Wayne, TN;
  • Frances Elizabeth - b. 10 March 1842 in Martin Mills, Wayne, Tennesse/d. 13 March 1922 in Texas. Buried - old Kindel lot, Weatherford cemetery, Parker Co, TX -  Texas connection;
  •  Sarah Emma - b. 20 July 1840 in - Martin Mills, Wayne, Tennesse/d. 8 June 1846 in Gainesville, Cook Co., Texas - ⭐ Texas connection. Sarah got married on 12 Oct. 1869. Her husband was James Webb Montague (b. 15 Nov. 1846).


Sons of Absalom and Mary's

  • Louis Boone Gant - b. 10 July 1828 TN/d. 25 Nov. 1865 in Wayne County, TN). In 1853 Louis married Miss Evaline Lina Parker (b. 1832);
  • William Miles - b. 16 Jan. 1831 in Stantonville, Harding, Tennessee/d. 11 Feb. 1863 in TN. On 1 March 1857 he married Miss Sarah Croder (b. 1834);
  • Absalom Bobo Gant, Jr. - b. 30 Oct. 1832, Martin, Weakley, TN/d. 2 May 1892, Graham, Young County, Texas. Absalom married Miss Julia Minerva Raines (b. 15 Sept. 1837) on 18 Dec. 1867 in Rusk, Cherokee Co, TX - Texas connection;
  • Frances - b. 1843 in Tennessee.
Mary's husband Absalom Bobo passed on the day of her 73rd birthday, on 26 May 1876 in Clifton, Wayne, Tennessee. Mary Gant departed twenty years later, on 8 August 1896, in Martin Mills, Wayne, Tennessee.
The couple was buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery, Houston, Wayne Co., TN.

You can read more about Mary's son Absalom Bobo Gant, Jr., his ancestors and children in one of my previous posts.

Photo of Daniel Boone: Chester Harding
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons;
Photo of gravestone: Judy Griffin;

Information based on MyHeritage research.

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