Monday, May 8, 2017

Shrader Line

I am trying to unlock the mystery of long forgotten relatives whose surnames survived till today in their descendants' middle names. One of such family names is Shrader.

According to my research, Wilhelm Schroeder/ Schräder was born in Manheim, in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, in - circa - 1724. When he was six years old, together with his parents and other members of his family, little Wilhelm boarded a ship to get to America. During the journey, all the members of the Shroeder family got ill and died. Only Willie survived. Another German immigrant - Johann Jacob Hock - took the boy to his farm where Wilhelm lived till he grew up. Then he married the farmer's daughter, Susanna and started his own family.

The story suggests that since Wilhelm was not able to pay for his travel, he was indentured to pay and that was why he went to the farm of Johann Hock (to work?). However, there is no document to support it. I would rather think that the Shroeder family paid for their 'tickets' before they all boarded the ship and maybe Johann decided to take care of the little boy knowing that Wilhelm was all alone.

Johann Jacob Hock was born about 1710 in Germany and died in June 1766 in York County, Pennsylvania. His wife Anna Margaritha was born about 1710 and died in York Co., PA in circa 1785.

Their daughter Susanna Hock (the spelling of the surname got changed to Hoke) was born about 1727 (in Germany or PA).

Wilhelm Schroeder (who changed his name to William Shrader) married Susanna on 14 August 1744 in the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church in New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

William and Susanna had seven children.

Philip Shrader (1749 - d. 1 October 1778 PA) - he was a captain during the American War of Independence (1775–1783). His wife was Eva Byers.

Heinrich Jacob Shrader (1750 - 1 February 1829 in Jefferson County KY) - captain during the Revolutionary War (PA). Heinrich married Mary /Anna Maria between 1764 and 1848.

Aaron Shrader (1753 in Baltimore County, Maryland - 12 August 1826 in Butler County, Ohio). Aaron married Elizabeth Margaretha Rowen - circa 1783 (1766?) in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. They had twelve children.

Susannah Shrader (circa 1750 in Westmoreland County, PA - ?). She married Conrad Colmer - circa 1775 in Pennsylvania.

Wilhelm / William Shrader Junior (6 March 1755 in Stanton, Westmoreland Co., PA or Baltimore Co., MD - 4 August 1828 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania).  He married Anna Maria Sechrist - circa 1778 in PA. William and Anna Maria had nine children. William was a private during the Revolutionary War (PA).

Julia Ann Shrader (22 August 1762 - Baltimore Co., Maryland - before 19 January 1824 in St Landry Parish, Pennsylvania). Julia Ann had three husbands: Benedict Hoke (marriage - circa 1781 PA), capt. William Thomas (marriage - circa 1790) and Dr. John Sappington.

Maria Barbara Shrader (circa 1760 in Baltimore County, Maryland - 16 March 1842 in Columbiana County, Ohio). She married Michael Zehner on 15 February in New Alexandria, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. Maria and Michael had seven children.

I would love to find the connection of William Shrader's line to the Shrader family who lived in Texas. I would be grateful for some information on that matter.

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