Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Cosmetic Experience

I am going to come back to our ancestry stories soon, right now I need to catch up with my other series posts.

Here is another entry on the cosmetics we tried. I am planning to write about a product/cosmetic once only, even if we like it and buy it more often.

Body care
The cleansing liquid by Cetaphil is fragrance-free and did not cause any skin irritations. However, it is not my favorite body cleanser as it makes my skin feel the same as if I used regular soap - dry and stripped of lipid surface. On the other hand, that cleanser is a good option if you need to replace soap with a milder product considering washing some more delicate body parts or just hand and face.

Would we buy it again? Maybe

Bath salt
The size of the Epsom salt bag was very convenient and pouring the right amount of the salt into the bath was very easy.
Epsom salt makes a bath a relaxing experience. It helps to relax tired muscles and refreshes the skin. Another factor which I find very important is: the salt does not affect the PH of the skin and the intimate body parts as many bubble bath liquids do. Epsom salt cannot be used by everybody - always read the about the product provided by the manufacturer.

More about Epsom salt in my other post.

Would we buy it again? ­čĹŹ

Body wash by Rossmann
When I lived in Poland, I often purchased cosmetics at Rossmann drug stores. I liked the store brands, its quality and the prices at the store as well. Isana is of their brands too. I got the body wash during our last visit in Poland. It was great - creamy and of rather thick consistency (which made it very efficient). And it smelled so nice - like a bunch of flowers. I liked the flowery pattern on the bottle as well. If I could, I would have bought more cosmetics at Rossmann. Unfortunately, it was not possible - when we were coming back home, my suitcase was filled up to its limits and nothing more could be possibly packed in it.

The body wash by Isana contains Magnolia Liliflora extract.

Would we buy it again? ­čĹŹ

Leg care
My calves love that horse-chestnut based gel. It improves the blood circulation in varicose veins, makes them less visible. The gel relaxes the tired legs as well. Its fragrance is delicate yet pleasant. When I lived in Poland I always applied some gel with horse-chestnut extract on my calves - morning and evenings.  My legs were fine as my calves did not hurt thanks to the treatment. The thing is this kind of gel is very popular in Poland, available in different versions by different brands.
When I moved to Texas, I tried to find a similar product but, regrettably, nothing like that chestnut extract based gel was available here. That was one of the things on my shopping list when we were in Poland again. I am glad I finally got it! The box was quite big (it contained320g of the product - which was a lot). Wish it had been bigger and lasted much longer than four months.

Besides horse-chestnut extract, rutin is one of the gel ingredients.

Would we buy it again? ­čĹŹ

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