Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Movies Monthly: April

Today I am sharing with you which movies and shows we found most interesting last month.

TV series

Home Fires (BBC production) came back with the second season.  The plot is quite engaging. So many various types of characters. There is always something new the series heroines have to deal with. Besides, I like some of the wardrobe pieces, especially cute sweaters, presented by the ladies.

A Place Called Home - another season started. When we began watching the previous season, at first I did not very much enjoy it - we did not see the very first episodes so it was rather confusing who was who and what was going on. So far, the second part has been really involving. Waiting for the great fall of Regina's. Hopefully, it will come and the hateful lady will be properly 'rewarded' for all the evil plotting against others. Who knows what will Anna reveal about family secrets in her book? Maybe more than it is expected. Anyway, her outfits - dresses and matching cardigans are lovely. My type of fashion. ­čĹę

Agatha Raisin - another detective story series by BBC. Not much had happened in the quiet English village before Agatha moved in. Since then, murder after murder, one criminal case after another Agatha needs to look into. All in all, an entertaining series. The lady reminds me of a woman I used to work with - the same hairstyle, hair color, type of makeup.

The White Princess - dramatized history facts regarding Elizabeth of York, her husband King Henry VII, their family members and the War of Roses. When we are young, we tend to think how good it would be to be a princess or a king - no need to do much, servants doing all the work for us, wealth and enjoyment every day. How different the truth was and how dangerous (due to plotting and hate at a royal court) such a life would have been, we can learn from history and series like that one. The White Princess brought to my mind 'The Plantagenet Saga' - a series which I enjoyed watching a long time ago. To sum up - the history of England showed through the lives of individuals and their personalities as well.
The sound in the show (and in many new movies) is so low that you can hardly hear what the characters are saying, even when the volume is maxed up.

Morgan Freeman's Through The Wormhole - very sophisticated topic talked about this time (at least so far) in the documentary. You could not agree with all the presented theories - well gives a subject for a discussion at least.


Son of Saul - 2015 (war) - Hungarian production: the horrors of concentration camp death factory ' line' and the fate of the prisoners involved in it. Even if you know something about how the death camps worked, seeing it (in the movie) is quite shaking.

Two for Texas - 1998 (western) - history of Texas showed from a bit different angle and in a different way. Actually as if by the way. An interesting approach and a good movie.

Non-Stop - 2014 (thriller) - frequent plot turns make the movie engaging and interesting. Liam Neeson as a controversial air marshal versus iPhones and terrorists on the plane.

Testament of Youth - 2014 (war, biography) - the tragedy of WWI from a personal perspective. The distress of those who fought and their family members who stayed at home.

The Lone Ranger - 2014  - western, adventure + humor (and Johnny Depp) = good entertainment for the entire family.

That is all about our April movies. Soon, I am going to tell you more about Aunt Lula, my ancestry research inspiration.

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