Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blog Liebster Award 2015 - Nomination for 'Gone To Texas'

I am pleased to inform you that Karolina, blogger of C'est la vie!, has nominated my 'Gone To Texas (and myself) to Blog Liebster Award.
As you can probably guess/or know, the word 'liebster' comes from German and means (more or less) 'dearest', 'beloved' in English. If you do not know what it is all about, meaning the Liebster Award: bloggers nominate blogs which they find interesting, to find out more about the ones who create them. The nomination is a kind of virtual honor - first time ever my blog has been complimented in such a nice way. The happier I am to take part in the 'liebster game' and answer the questions asked by Karolina.

{1}What is your Chinese Zodiac sign? Do you agree with its description?
I am a Dragon. None of such descriptions is ever exactly true, considering an individual person. Who knows me personally, knows also that I am not talkative - just the opposite. I do not easily loose my temper either. However, I would call myself resourceful: I do have quite a lot of ideas which I put into effect, if I find them interesting enough to invest my time, effort and energy. On the other hand, aggression, gossips and plotting are not part of my nature at all.

{2} What is your favorite Polish word?
When I was a teenager, I found the sound of the word 'szklanka' (a glass) quite special. And it had nothing to do with the meaning of that word.  Nowadays, I do not know why I used to think it sounded different or unusual in a beautiful way. Some Polish words, including surnames and first names, are difficult to pronounce - if you are not a native Polish speaker. It may be found funny, but certainly, it is not a laughing matter to you - if you are a Pole who lives abroad and your surname is, for example, Brzęczyszczykiewicz (the name mentioned in a Polish comedy series made in 1969). By the way, if you are a non Polish speaker, how would you pronounce the particular surname?

{3} Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? If yes - how, if not - why?
When I lived in Poland, I did not celebrate it. Although, Valentine's Day has become popular in the country, yet it is not a Polish tradition at all. So I did not. Of course, it is celebrated in the US and Valentine cards are sent to the persons we like, including family members, aunts and grandpas. St. Valentine's Day gadgets appear in stores not long after Christmas, so there is enough time to get all what we need to honor our friends. The way we celebrate the day with my husband is quite a different matter. Our personal one. :)

{4} The most absurd thing you have ever heard from a friend or relative...
I cannot recall anything like that, not from a close friend or kin. However, there was a made up story, spread by local gossipers.  I was in my early twenties then. One day my mum talked to a neighbor - about everyday things. During the talk, mum said something about me (let's say that I/her daughter had just done some shopping and brought the groceries home). To mum's surprise, the neighbor replied: 'It is not true! Your daughter is studying in Poznan!' (to your knowledge: Poznan is a city situated 500 km/ about 311 miles from the place I lived in at that time). Mum came home and told me: 'You know what? Maybe you do knot know, but you are studying in Poznan'.
It was quite an awkward thing to learn - how could neighbors believe they knew better what I was doing? People can be very imaginative in a surprising way - I had never thought of studying in the city of Poznan. Besides, I still lived in my home city then. Close to my mum.

{5}What is your favorite scent/smell?
It would be easier to name the ones I do not like. The smell of oranges reminds me the Christmases of my childhood. It is one of the scents which I like. As for the perfume - in my opinion, the world of scent compositions is like a garden of beautiful flowers. All the flowers are magnificent, each of them in each own, beautiful way. That is why it is difficult to choose the one which is the best or the most interesting one. Why should I? I prefer enjoying them all (not at the same time of course). In a way, I admire persons who tend to wear the same perfume/toilet water all the time. Every day. My nose gets bored after a few days if I do it. That is why I use different scent compositions/kinds of perfume. I change them often, even every week. This week this perfume, next week a different one, and so on....

{6} The most awkward/inept gift you have ever been given is...
I appreciate each and every present I get. What matters to me is the thoughtfulness and the positive intention of  the giver, not only the gift itself.

{7} What school subject did you hate?
It was Astronomy - one of many obligatory subjects which we had to do at high school. Due to a very particular way, the astronomy teacher ran her classes, it was quite a dreadful experience to me and most of my classmates. Well, according to a Polish saying 'you either speak well of a late person, or you do not speak of them at all' (the teacher passed away some years ago). That is why I will not be more explicit on those classes. Anyway, astronomy could have been interesting, but it was not.

I was also not very keen on Chemistry. We had to know all the atomic numbers of the chemical elements by heart. Of course I knew the symbols of the elements, but I simply did not understand why we were not allowed to check the numbers when it was needed, and how the knowledge could be useful in any practical way (except solving chemical problems). So I did not learn it, and as a result of it, often got in trouble in Chemistry classes.

{8} Are you planning coming back to Poland? Why?
I consider such a possibility. Why not?

{9} When did you last do something for yourself?
Every day. Not long ago, I dreamed of getting enough sleep only. I was so busy with work projects that a day was too short to complete it all. Nowadays, I have time to relax and do my hobbies, including my little blogging. I also like taking care of our home. Whatever I do in it, I do for myself too.

Now, it is time for me to nominate other blogs to the Liebster Award. I invite the following bloggers to join the game:

 My questions to you:

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4. Your favorite style - what do you like wearing every day?
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Good day to you!