Wednesday, May 16, 2018

John Milton

It is time to come back to our Mary Boone Gant again. She is quite an interesting lady as she links us to a few well-known persons including John Milton, the poet.

When in high school, we learned about him and his Paradise Lost in Literature classes. Hope, you have heard about John Milton as he was one of the greatest English poets/authors who created not in English only but in eight other languages as well.

Here is the family relation leading us to the poet  - which I found while working on our extended family tree.

Mary Boone Gant (the wife of our 1st cousin six times removed)
➦her father Hiram Boone (b. ≈ 1765, Culpepper Co., Virginia / d. 13 March 1826, Savannah, Hardin, Tennessee) ➦
➦his father Hezekiah Boone (b. 22 May 1735, Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania / d. 20 Dec. 1823, Woodford, Kentucky)  ➦
➦ his father George Boone (b. 13 July 1690, Bradninch, Devon, England / d. 20 Nov. 1753, Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania) ➦
➦ his mother Mary Milton Boone nee Maugridge (b. 23 Dec. 1669, Bradninch, Devon, England/ came to America 1717/ d. 2 Feb. 1740, Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania) ➦
➦ her mother Mary Maugridge nee Milton (b. 25 Oct. 1647, Bradninch, Devon, England/ d. August 1697, Bradninch, England) ➦
➦ her father John Milton ( b. 9 Dec. 1608 - Bread St., London, England).

Based on my MyHeritage research

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