Friday, May 18, 2018

Andrew Johnson

As I have already said in one of my previous posts, during my ancestry research I came across quite a few US presidents in our various family tree branches. Maybe I should write about them in the order following the sequence of their presidential terms. However, I find their random appearance in my posts more interesting.

Andrew Johnson is a relative of our maternal line. Actually, he was the third cousin six times removed of our maternal grandfather, Samuel Hollie McIntosh*. Samuel's mother was Jurita Elizabeth McIntosh nee Ledbetter.

From Jurita the relation goes through our direct ancestors' line:

Jurita's mother Hannah E Ledbetter (nee Hagood),
her father Lemuel Davis Hagood,
his father James J Hagood,
his mother Martha Hagood nee West,
her mother Letitia West nee Martin,
her mother Anna Martin nee Farish
her mother Judith Farish nee Johnston, and
her father William Johnston.

William was born on 16 Dec. 1697 in Annandale, in the historic county of Dumfries, Scotland. He was the descendant of Dr Arthur Johnston (the Johnston Clan line).

 Left foreground - the green valley of the River Annan (Annandale), Scotland

William's brother was Arthur Johnson Sr. (born ≈ 1688, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, Virginia / d. 20 Jan. 1759, Augusta, Virginia).

Then the connection goes down the family line to Artur Johnson Sr.'s son Andrew William Johnson
Andrew's son Jacob Johnston (b.17 April 1778, Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina / d. 4 January 1812, Raleigh, Wake County, NC
and finally to his son Andrew Johnson  (1808, NC - 1875, Tennessee) who became the President after the death of President Lincoln.

Andrew Johnson - by Vanneson

To sum up, both Mr. Andrew Johnson and us are descendants of Stephen "The Clerk" Johnston.

 * based on my MyHeritage research

Annandale - By Scothill - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Portrait of Andrew Johnson :
Public Domain,

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