Sunday, May 13, 2018

On Mother's Day

Our mother Bessie Hazel was born on 22 November 1919 in Harrison County, Texas.
She had twelve siblings - three older sisters, one older brother, six younger sisters and one younger brother.

Bessie got married not long after she completed her education. The marriage took place in First Christian Church in Plano, TX, on 13th April 1919. Our mother was about twenty then.

During her marriage, she bore five children. Bessie Hazel was a kind-hearted woman, a devoted and caring mother and a loving wife. Mom took care of her children and husband, and the family home. She made delicious, Southern-style dishes and exquisite desserts as well. When eating out, the food places of her choice were the ones which served home like Southern type meals. Her favorite restaurants were Luby's and Cracker Barrel. Mother did not drink any alcohol.

Bessie Hazel was a great fan of Dallas Cowboys and always watched their games on TV. Besides that, she also enjoyed watching various TV shows and listening to country and western music on Channel 11.

Our mother passed a few days before her 79th birthday, on 5 November 1998. She was buried at the Restland Memorial Park in Dallas.

Thank you, Bessie, for your son, my wonderful husband.

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