Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Movies Monthly: July

TV Serials by BBC:

Father Brown 5 - 2017 (detective story) - Lady Felicia has been removed from the character/cast list and substituted with a younger and more adventurous one.

Ashes to Ashes 3 - 2010 (detective story) - absolutely fantastic! The best of all seasons. Season 1 was the weakest/worst.

The Coroner - 2015 (crime story) - A coroner in England is a solicitor and criminal investigator. In Poland, it is a doctor who examines dead bodies, states death of a person and issues death certificates. Totally different positions, jobs and duties.

The Black Adder - 1982 (comedy) - Rowan Atkinson in Medieval settings and made up Medieval history plot.

Remember Me - 2014 (ghost story) - quite different to all the BBC series we have watched so far. A well written and an intriguing story.


Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages - 2014/2017 - lovely villages of Great Britain. Picturesque landscapes and pretty gardens. We would not mind living in one of those places. We would very much enjoy local little festivities and the countryside environment.

Kangaroo Dundee - 2017 - the series presents the man (and his friends) who rescue abandoned kangaroo babies and wallabies, raise them and bring them back to nature. Their dedication to saving little animals is really amazing.

Movie Classics:

The films which we enjoyed re-watching

Jaws - 1975 (thriller)
Jaws 2 - 1978 (thriller)

Death Wish - 1974 (action) - the original Death Wish is the best according to us. Each of the sequels made later was worse and worse - each next one was worse than a previous one.

Predator - 1987 (action/SF) - when I saw the movie for the first time (in the late 80s/early 90s), it was a very, very bad copy of it - the fifth or sixth one possibly. The quality of the picture was very bad and the silhouette of the Predator (which originally is rather unclear) was more like a green stain on the TV screen. I did enjoy the plot of the film, but when it ended I did not know what the Predator was. Therefore, re-watching the picture was more like watching it for the very first time.

Other - Newer - Films:

Hacksaw Ridge - 2016 (biography, WW2) - A true and moving story of a man who despite the fact that he did not wish to carry or touch a gun because of his religious views, he appeared to be a true hero and saved many lives.

Nowadays, when the meaning of the word 'hero' seems to be lost, changed or twisted totally, the movie and its main character remind what a hero really means...

War of the Worlds - 2015 (SF) - an interesting version of the fiction novel by H.G. Wells.

Legacy - 2013 (drama, thriller) - set in 1974 - an ex-army man discovers the unknown facts about his father's past. All in all, quite a complicated story.

Australia - 2008 (drama) - there is no place like home, wherever it it.

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