Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kin / Ben Davis Family Mystery

That photograph is part of Aunt Lula's Album. Unfortunately, I have not managed to find any information on the family portrayed in the picture. Aunt Lula wrote 'Mr. Kin Davis + family' and 'Mr. Ben Davis + family' at the back of the photo. Ben (Benjamin?), Kin (?). 

The couple might have been born in the 1850s or earlier. Possibly, they were related to the Howard family who came to Texas from Virginia in the 1850s.

The surname Davis appears in our family tree but I cannot find any connection to the Kin/Ben Davis. I wish Aunt Lula could tell me about them. Anyhow, I hope to find out anything on the family during my ancestry research. They might have lived in Texas as well.

If you know anything about the Davis family (of Georgia or Virginia?), you are welcome to contact me on that matter.

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