Monday, December 19, 2016

Our November Visit in Poland

It is high time I wrote something about our trip to Poland. At the end of November, we went to my home city in the country to visit my mom and the place where I am from.

We met with family and friends - it was our early Christmas visit as well. Everybody showered us with presents and treated us with wonderful food. Such a good time!

The weather was quite pretty for this time of the year in the north of Europe so, besides walking around in my city, we also went to some places of interest - the medieval castle built by Teutonic Knights in Malbork - the largest brick castle in the world and the Stutthof concentration camp museum, in Sztutowo.

Malbork Castle - part of the outer walls

Stutthof - concentration camp museum - Death Gate

 I am going to write more about the two places in January.

In Gdansk, where we met my best friend, we went to Solidarity museum, visited the amber museum, and the 16th-century prison.

Solidarity museum in Gdańsk- part of the exhibition

Solidarity museum - replica of the Gdańsk shipyard gate

The time we spent with the friend of mine was truly wonderful. Thank you, Krysia!

My city had changed a bit - some stores and restaurants went out of business, some new ones were open. In one of them, an Italian pizza place, we were hosted by some family members. Well, we had never eaten such kind of pizza before. It was different but delicious indeed!

Friday - great evening (with Monia & Lubo) and talks again!

Both of us enjoyed seeing the view over the Stone Mountain again. The new electric car which had been built and is operated by the City took us (for free) to the top of the Mountain - previously we would have had to use kilometers of stairs.

Gdynia - view from Stone Mountain / Kamienna Góra

Each day of our visit in Poland was interesting and the time there passed by so quickly. Every day we did some sightseeing (we did a lot of walking), every evening it was family time. Each day was packed with cultural experiences and various kind of enjoyment. Finally, I was able to buy myself a few things which are not available in the States such as my favorite brands of European cosmetics for example.

Mom, thanks for everything! We had such a lovely time. Thank you for everything you do.

We very much enjoyed the entire stay only the travel was a bit oppressive - 24 hours and three plane connections from Dallas to Gdansk and then, the same 24-hour trip back home. Wish Poland was closer to Texas!

I am very glad we did our Christmas visit during the Thanksgiving week. If we had gone last Saturday, due to the recent Arctic weather front, we would possibly be stranded at the airport in Chicago, getting nervous and wasting our vacation time, waiting for the next flight to Germany. Obviously, it would have spoilt our plane connections and the entire visit in Poland as well.

Summarizing our travel, we were lucky - weather wise but not only. All went well. At the airports, and when in Poland. Great visit! Just wish could do it every year...

Many thanks to all our family and friends for your hospitality and the great time we spent together and all the gorgeous presents as well

Special kudos to my sister for the early Christmas feast delicacies. I had not eaten some of them for four years. 😀
More about the places of interest mentioned above - soon. :-)


  1. I really enjoyed this article. Although I am not Polish myself, I have Polish family so some of what I read is familiar to me. I also used to eat a treat at Christmas, I think it was called Oplatky. I miss those!

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are right. My sister supplied me with some of those too.

  2. I've never been to Poland. The food looks amazing. I'd love to visit one day.

    1. There are many interesting places to see there and the food is good indeed. The best time to visit Poland is summer - till early September. If you ever have a chance - I encourage you to go :-).