Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Movies Monthly: November

In November, we reached #802*.

New series:
  • Ashes to Ashes (BBC) - 2008 - about a lady police inspector who was shot and somehow, due to that, was moved in time - she was transferred to the beginning of the 80s. Lots of European music from that era included in the series soundtrack, nice to watch the fashion of the times as well. However, the main character - Alex Drake - the female police investigator most often wears (during work-time) the kind of clothes which in the 80s would have been worn at a night club or at a date not in an office. I guess, the series creators wanted the actress to look more attractive/less conservative but sometimes those outfits simply 'speak too loud'.
We managed to see the next three episodes of the Bourne series (although in rather accidental order):
However, we still have not seen the newest Bourne made in 2016. Maybe we will, soon.
It was interesting to watch the old cartoons:
  • 786. Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves (1937) - duration 1 hour 21 min.
  • 787. Popeye The sailor Meets Sindbad The Sailor (1936) - duration about 97 minutes.
Funny stories. New (at that time), 3D-like way of making cartoons which were as long as regular movies too.

Our Movies of the Month 

764. The Revenant - 2016 (adventure) - quite a different story/ movie, with lots of plot twists and turns. How could anybody survive such a struggle, fighting people and elements?

785. Battleship Potemkin - 1925 (drama) - a silent movie very different from the films made at the same time in the west. When you watch it, you have an impression you are watching an interesting documentary, not moving pictures/ a movie. The drama includes a first ever filmed scene - a baby carriage rolling down the stairs, which was copied later also in 'Untouchables'.

Sergei M. Eisnstein, the director of  Potemkin, made another great piece a few years later, in 1938. It was Alexander Nevsky with the epic 13th-century battle scenes on the frozen and cracking river. Wish we could see it again too.

The weakest film

769. Power, Passion & Murder - 1987 (drama), with Michelle Pfeiffer.

Very slow plot - we were waiting it would develop into something interesting but, instead of it, the film just suddenly ended. It was quite disappointing and a waste of time too. Considering, M. Pfeiffer was in it, we had expected something better. I assume, it is one of her worst movies. Not only the plot is weak but also the wardrobe, the clothes she is dressed in the movie, make her look awful.

On the other hand, Power, Passion & Murder is still better than Gravity as it, at least, contains more sophisticated lines than the latter one.

* It means that we had watched that many various shows by the end of November. 

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