Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Music ABC: K (update), L, M & N

I do not know why I forgot to mention KING CRIMSON in my previous K related 'My Music ABC' post.

They are my most favorite K of all! Sophisticated compositions and lots of emotional, calm pieces. Some are quite dramatic as well (e.g. Starless).

In the 80s I taped their albums (thanks to the Polish Radio Program/Station 3). I did not follow their later career/ albums. Anyway, Lizard is the album by King Crimson which I like best. A multidimensional compilation of divine note lines and the singer's voice/interpretation.

There was also a Polish progressive rock band KLAN - they were often called 'fathers of the Polish rock'. I can still remember two of their songs listed in My Hit Parade below this post.

I like the video made by some Polish students of Automatics much later than the song (1970) was written.

LED ZEPPELIN - yes, of course, but only their studio albums. Their life performances (e.g. the ones showed in the movie The Song remains the Same) do not appeal to me at all.

LEONARD COHEN - I happened to miss mentioning him and his music when I wrote the C letter post.
I learned about his songs in the early 80s, thanks to the Polish artist Maciej Zembaty who translated Cohen's songs and sang the Polish versions (Polish Radio Program 3 again). Then I started my interest in the original music creations by Cohen. It is a very special kind of musical expression and artistic presentation. However, as it is with all the music which I listen to, I like the songs by Cohen by I could not listen to them only all the time.

LIVIN' BLUES (a Dutch blues band). They performed in Poland too and I had an album with their songs. Some of them I quite liked as well.

METALLICA - a big Yes! I like their older albums best.

I used to have a cassette with my favorite album by Metallica - Ride the Lightning.

The songs which I like most? For example: For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Thing That Should Not Be, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Orion, One, The Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters.

I can hear European rock roots in Metallica's songs - rough but great notes. Probably thanks to Lars Ulrich and his European background. What I mean is that most American rock music and rock riffs seem much softer. I grew up listening to European/ British music/bands and their rougher sound is what I personally prefer and find more interesting. That is why I hardly ever mention American music groups in my posts. Do not get me wrong, it does not mean that I do not listen to American singers at all. On the contrary. However, most of my music favorites are connected with Europe anyway.

And that is why, the next on my list is THE MOODY BLUES (a Dutch band again), particularly some of their songs including Nights in White Satin. No special memories connected with it - just the music itself.

Classical M

I need to mention Polish composer STANISŁAW MONIUSZKO - known as 'the father' of the Polish opera.

Finally, a note about the N - NAZARETH - from Scotland. In the past, I used to dislike all the sweet pop bands, including the sugary hits by Nazareth. I always liked their This Flight to Night, though.


King Crimson
Lizard (album) 
In the Court of the Crimson King (album)
Starless (from the album Red)

Kansas - Dust in the Wind

Automaty / Machines
Z brzytwą na poziomki / With a Razor for Wild Strawberries


Leonard Cohen
Everybody Knows
Take This Waltz
I'm Your Man

Led Zeppelin
I Can't Quit You Baby
Whole Lotta Love
Dazed And Confused
Immigrant Song
I'm Gonna Crawl
... and many other ones

Livin' Blues
Blue Breeze

Ride the Lightning - album 1984/85
Master of Puppets - album 1986/87
...And Justice for All - album 1988/90
Metallica - album 1991/'95

The Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin

Gary Moore
Still Got the Blue
Midnight Blues
All Your Love

Classical M

Moniuszko - Straszny dwór / The Haunted Manor (opera), written in 1861
Eine Kleine Nacht Music
German Dance #1 in D major KV 605

This Flight Tonight
Where Are You Now?
Dream On

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