Monday, January 23, 2017

More Calendars & Giveaway

We have got more calendars for the year 2017 and I do like them all.

Here they are!

1. Pocket calendar/booklet issued by BoysTown
Starts with January 01/2017
Ends with February 28/2018
Size: around 6 inches x 4 inches / 15.5cm x 10cm

 2. Wall calendar with cute pictures of (rescued) cats and dogs + their stories.
The calendar was issued by ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).
Size: 8.5 inches x 10.7 inches / 21.7 cm x 27.5 cm

3. Wall calendar with photos of lovely landscapes issued by Easterseals.
This calendar is a bit smaller than the one with pets.
Size: around 7.2 inches x 7.1 inches / 18.2 cm x 18.1 cm 

All the calendars are very nice - I would keep them all but since we have already got some other ones (I wrote about them in a January post), I would like to share them with someone who needs a calendar for 2017. I am going to give away the three calendars - one calendar daily. To take part in the giveaway, please check up my Facebook page (starting tomorrow). If there is more than one person per day interested in getting a free calendar, I will draw the name of a winner.

Hope you like the calendars too. It would be a pity if they were stored in a drawer only instead of being displayed.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this week - just leave a comment under a daily calendar post on my Facebook page.