Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Movies Monthly: December 2016

What was on in December?

Vikings came back - according to us - with, so far, the most interesting season of all.

We watched a couple of the new MacGyver episodes. Just to see what the new series is like. Well, the main character looks as if he was 17 or 19 years old. When did he manage to learn all the MacGyver's stuff? The plot in the current series seems to be more developed than in the old one, with more characters around. It was interesting in a way. However, we preferred when each episode was a closed chapter. Thanks to that, if you missed a few episodes or watched them in a random order, you did not miss anything.

I did not like the visuals (additional info on what MacGyver did or used) added in the new series. Such visual elements seem to be common nowadays - written text messages, phone screen shots and such. I am not keen on that type of graphic effects in a movie as I find them disturbing/interrupting. My mind works more independently and less schematically than an iPhone - I do not need to see the text of the messages or somebody's face on the phone communicator, I am able to imagine things and understand them without a written tip given a movie screen.

All in all, the only real MacGyver is the original one.

Our shows of December were:

813. Judgement Night - 1993 (action, crime, drama), with Emilio Estevez.
815. Celtic Woman - Home for Christmas Concert in Ireland - a best Christmas show on our list.

822. The Age of Adeline - 2015 (drama, fantasy) - quite an interesting story.

850. Child 44 - 2015 (crime, thriller) - a very different detective story - set in the Soviet Union. With a very different detective (different from the other ones we watched).

854. Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - another great music concert.

860. Hollow Crown -The War of the Roses: Richard III - a play by BBC - with a stunning role created by Benedict Cumberbatch.

873. Shaolin - 2011 (action, drama) - we thought it would be another movie with Jackie Chan - more or less similar to all the other ones - full of funny scenes and his adventures but Shaolin is not that kind of movie at all. Although J. Chan appears in it, his part is a minor one (well, yes, a few funny gags too). All the movie is about something else - without Chan's participation as the main actor. Chinese production with English subtitles - certainly worth watching.

In case if you do not know what the numbers next to the film titles mean - in December, we finished our 2016 counting project.

The results:
in the year 2016, we watched 878 various shows including different kinds of films, music concerts, documentaries, natural history shows, cartoons, and others. We would have watched more if we had not traveled in November.

This year I am planning to continue my Movies Monthly report, but I am not going to count the programs anymore.

How many movies did you watch last year?

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