Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Cosmetic Side: Inner Beauty

If you were to name a beautiful person, whom would you think about? Would it be a model, an actress or another celebrity?

Some time ago, we watched a movie in which its main character, a man, had an unusual ability. Thanks to some spell, he could see all the people according to what their personalities were. Good people appeared to him as extremely beautiful and attractive physically. He simply did not see their real bodies or any imperfections on their faces. He saw what was hidden - their inner selves. At the same time, all the men and women who were bad or dishonest looked ugly in his perception.

There is an old Polish saying 'jak cię widzą, tak cię piszą', which means, more or less, what you look like is what people think of you. There is much truth in it - appearance most often determines how other people see us and what they think about us/ what they think we are. Obviously, such generalization may be misleading and unfair. Well, logic - the science - says: generalization is an error of logical thinking. Not all men who wear suits and are handsome are good persons. Not all women who are well-groomed and wear nice clothes are empty-headed. We could see quite an example of such misjudgment in 'Legally blond' for example. And I also have happened to experience similar underestimation as well.

I like wearing elegant clothes. On my blog, I sometimes write about beauty products - according to myself looking good means feeling good. That is why, in my opinion, we need to take care of ourselves - meaning body and general look. However, it is not the only thing which matters to me. Being a good person is of equal importance.

One may say, it is hard to find good men/women or that there are few good people. Maybe a reason why they are not recognized easily is that a good person does not brag: look at me, how good I am. They simply keep it to themselves.

What I have learned in my life:
  1. The ones who tend to talk a lot about how hard they work, how great they are - although they usually do little or nothing at all - are often regarded as better workers and are more recognized/appreciated by others. The ones who really work hard and are honest but do not talk about it are not noticed. Most often they are underestimated - which is rather sad.
  2. Some people chose to surround themselves with such talkers mentioned above and/or with people of certain status. Why? To be able to brag and impress others: I know X, he/she is a writer/a son of a popular actress/ manager of company Y/ a wealthy executive/ an artist and so on. Nobody is interested/would be impressed with: I know X, she/he is such a good person.
Regrettably, being decent and kind does not make a person socially attractive. Does it mean, it does not pay off to be good ad honest? I believe it does. The good/evil we do, good or evil thoughts we send 'in space', toward other people come back to us in one way or another.

Anyhow, I neither care for guys #1 (talkers) nor #2 and I do not enjoy being around them. Actually, I avoid such contacts if I can.

Someone may be a very pretty fashion model and it is OK - the outer beauty is what matters in such a job. However, a tidy look and well-groomed appearance - despite any physical imperfections + being good, sincere and upright - this is what beautiful means to me. I am not perfect, well, nobody is, but I try to improve myself. Meaning my inside also not my look only. Not popular? Naive? Boring? Maybe but I do believe a nice face and smart clothes is not enough to make someone truly attractive/interesting. Beauty comes from within as well. And the greatest of all is when the two - inside and outside beauty are combined together. Unfortunately, it is much easier to hide an ugly personality than physical defects. Unfortunately, because we do not have that ability to see the real beauty of a person as the movie character (mentioned at the beginning of this post) could.

Let's be beautiful - not only outside but inside as well.


  1. I totally agree with you and think we all need this reminder. I know the movie you're talking about and love it! We are in such a crazy place right now in our world, in our country. I'm taking extra care to find beauty all around and savor it. Ordinary, real, kind. That's beautiful to me.

    1. Great! There is quite a lot of beauty around us, if you care to see it.