Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Music ABC: C

Today I am coming back back to my 'music series'. Here are some remarks on the (chosen) Cs.

I discovered this band by accident. My neighbor (the same who had "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" record) owned also "Valentyne Suite" by Colosseum. The neighbor did not like the album at all, I loved it.  Especially certain tracks, including #1 'The Kettle'. I borrowed the record and listened to it many times. Since my knowledge of English was quite basic then, I listened to the song and listened, and did not quite understand how could the kettle die. The point was, I thought the lyrics were 'Why the kettle died?'. I found it rather strange but who cared - the music was so amazing and that was what mattered to me. Not a dead kettle.
Well, if you do not know this piece, I need to explain the song text is 'Why the kettle dry?'

Cream & Clapton
Cream - one of the groups I neither saw live nor in any pictures at the time when I found their music (there was no Internet then). Cream and Clapton - together and later, when apart, they made quite a brand in their own class.

Traditional Irish music has always charmed me. I first heard Clannad on the radio. The songs presented on-air then, made me look for some more music by the band. In my opinion, the way they interpret traditional tunes is quite special. 'Siúil A Rún' by Clannad is my favorite version of the song.

Many years later after I learned about Clannad, my husband introduced me to 'Celtic Woman'. We both like Irish music, and it actually made us meet each other. Living in two different parts of the world, we found each other thanks to the Irish music and a website on Ireland.

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Clash and some other bands - I am going to mention them when I reach the letter 'P'.

Classical C

Chopin - his music will always be a symbol of Poland to me. Growing up in the country, I was quite exposed to the creations of this Polish composer. The Chopin piano contests were transmitted on the main state channel. Every five years we observed the competition on TV, then discussed who was likely to win and so on. It was a kind of national event and many people were interested in it. I still find the names of some past winners familiar when I hear their concertos announced somewhere.
Last year, first time I think, the Chopin piano contest was not broadcast on TV at all. Apparently, viewers no longer find it entertaining and the station would not benefit from the transition at all. Well, times and people have changed, but I find it sad.

Anyway, these days, hearing a piano piece I most often can recognize it is something by Chopin, even when I am not able to say what the title of the tune is.

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