Monday, November 2, 2015

My Texas Alphabet: N for NTIF

The idea for this alphabet post series comes from ' The Alphabet of My Emigration' by Dee Dorota L., member of The Polish Ladies Abroad Club, who has relocated to England.
I have also decided to join the project and write about My Texas Alphabet twice a week.

NTIF stands for North Texas Irish Festival. It is a holiday of Celtic music and Irish culture, which has been organized annually since 1983, during the first weekend of March. The Festival is the largest Irish festivity in the southwest of the USA and, also, the second biggest one in the States.

The Irish Festival has quite a special meaning in my Texas Alphabet: my husband and myself found each other thanks to our mutual interest in the Irish music.

Every year NTIF is held at the grounds of the State Fair in Dallas. I am really happy we can enjoy it together - with our family also. We like going there - to listen to the traditional and modern Irish music and watch various kinds of musicians and dancers on the Festival stages. There are always plenty of attractions for everyone: (considering music) from old style Celtic bands, storytellers, Irish tap dancers and bagpipers to contemporary rock groups. Besides, there are stalls with Irish (and not only) cuisine and all kinds of stuff and souvenirs - Celtic ones and much more. Among others, our favorite spot is the 'rescue dog' section, where you can admire dogs of different breeds (and, possibly, take home/get one of them).

We usually walk around the festival area and visit most of the stages which are situated in different parts of Fair Park. Since numerous performers dance and sing on them at the same time, it is not possible to see each and every artist. We try to make the most of it following the Festival schedule. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose what we would want to see as we are not able to be at two stages at the same time. However, one of our favorite Texas Celtic bands is Cleghorn.

The weather does not always cooperate and sometimes it happens to be cold at the time of the Festival. Last year, to our disappointment, it was too frosty to enjoy the outside entertainment. The weather conditions made us skip our annual North Texas Irish Celebrations. Hopefully, next year, we will be able to experience the Festival again. We certainly look forward to it.

More info:
North Texas Irish Festival website ,
Cleghorn website.

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