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Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Face Care by Sensai

Disclaimer: I received the products described in this post for free. I have not been compensated for writing this post. All the opinions expressed in the text are my own and they are based on my own, personal experiences.

I was introduced to SENSAI brand when I was seeking advice on my wedding day make up. The make up artist whom I consulted then, suggested using cosmetics by SENSAI. That was the moment when I discovered the world of wondrous Japanese silk and its benefits, considering the face and general appearance as well. I fell in love immediately with those SENSAI make up items which were presented to me - they were quite sensational indeed and the make up felt so good and light on my face too! It all happened quite a few years ago but I have used the SENSAI Cellular Performance Foundation,  their smoothing make up base and eyelid base ever since.
I wrote more about them here.

When I came to the USA, I also found out that, unfortunately, products by SENSAI are not available in the local stores. I missed the time when (in Europe) I was able to watch and try 'live' at least some items of the SENSAI cosmetics collection. Luckily, I still could get them in certain Internet stores.
Not long ago, I was quite happy to see the Twitter account of @SensaiBeauty as I thought it would let me follow the company news and updates. I was amazed and so delighted when I received SENSAI Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Series Introduction Kit sent by @SENSAIBEAUTY.

I knew that SENSAI cosmetics contain Koishimaru Silk - a unique and exclusive fibre which, in the past, used to be available to Japanese royal family only. This extraordinary ingredient and excellent moisturiser, stimulates the production of the hyaluronic acid and makes the skin beautifully saturated, silky soft and wonderful. I had never had used any SENSAI face care treats though, so I was more than ready to try the gift on my face!

What is so special about the SENSAI Cellular Performance products? They also contain SENSAI's ENE-ACTIVE Complex and exceptional, activating, anti-aging ADVANCED CPX VITAL Extract, which make the face skin look and feel fabulously refreshed.


The Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Series Introduction Kit consists of:


SENSAI Prime Sollution

Face care morning and evening primer - has a special ingredient Sanzashi (hawthorn) Extract which softens the skin and, boosting its cellular activity, makes your face more than ready for the next stage (eg. your favorite face cream treatment). The pump at the top of the bottle allows, very conveniently, dosing the right amount of the lotion. Depending on how strongly you press the pump - you can get a tiny drop of it or a bigger dose - enough to apply over the entire face.

It did make my skin smoother and firmer!


Extra Intensive Essence 

Thanks to its Deep & Quick Penetration Formula, it moistens the skin stupendously and visibly effectively as well.

The Extra Intensive Essence with the Extra Intensive Cream make a perfect team which smooths the skin and fine lines immediately. And it makes you feel gorgeous!

 Extra Intensive Cream

Stunning moisturizer for tired (and not only!) skin which contains the Immediate Firming Formula, and HA/COL Booster (part of anti-aging ADVANCED CPX VITAL Extract). To be applied on the face after using the Extra Intensive Essence.
I would say it is magic in an elegant jar - why? Read my notes at the bottom of the post.

How I am using them

So called 'Saho Skincare' is, in other words, double moisturizing skincare approach recommended by SENSAI. Following the Japanese beauty techniques, first of all, our clean skin needs to be saturated to make it ready for the enriching ingredients of a face cream.
That is why, after washing my face, I have applied the SENSAI Prime Solution to half of my face. Then I used my regular face moisturizer (not included in the set). To observe the properties of the Prime Solution lotion and simply see how it works on my skin, I also used it on its own. I am amazed with the results! It does saturate the skin instantly and noticeably smooths the lines. What is more, it also makes the complexion silky soft and nice.

I am using the Extra Intensive Duo - the Essence and the Cream - on the other half of my face. It may seem strange but the reason of it are some nasty fine lines, which have appeared there, caused also by the fact that I tend to sleep on the same side (and cheek) every night. When I received the Kit by SENSAI, I thought that maybe the Intensive team could do something for me and my wrinkles.
Anyway, I put a drop of the Extra Intensive Essence on my face, tapped it with my finger tips and next, I did the same with the Extra Intensive Cream. Next day, when I looked in the mirror to see how the things were - Ah! Magic! The fine lines on my cheek were smoother and much less visible.
After a week time (morning and evening application), the lines are almost gone - at least they are not noticeable. I am really delighted!

In addition to this, I need to mention, that the scent of these SENSAI products is really light and delicate. I have also applied it close to the under-eye area, to check whether my eyes like the cosmetics or not.
I am happy to say, the lotions and cream, despite their anti-aging and active ingredients, are really gentle, easily absorbed by the skin, do not irritate my eyes and do not trigger my allergic reactions either. And you need to know, due to my picky face skin, I usually have big problems with finding a cream/under-eye cream which does not cause painful allergies and/or irritation. Most often, the more anti-aging active a product is, the more stingy my face and eyes find it. But not the SENSAI products! They are truly wonderful. Since they do not leave any greasy film on the skin, they can be used also as make up routine complexion preparation.

All in all, I have been quite overjoyed with the beauty kit from @SENSAIBEAUTY.
The products are not only top quality but also work for me really well! And they make me look and feel good! Which is all what I wish for when I get new cosmetics for myself.

Visit SENSAI website and learn more above the brand and its products.

Disclaimer: I received the products described in this post for free. I have not been compensated for writing this post. All the opinions expressed in the text are my own and they are based on my own, personal experiences.

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