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Lyndon Baines Johnson

President Lyndon Baines Johnson, born in the heart of Texas, was related to the Harrington family (via the Baines and the Huffmans)*.

Rear View of President Johnson birthplace

Mr. Lyndon was Silas Liter Harrington's third cousin. Who was Silas? I have already written about him and his wife Vera Virginia Andrews, our fourth cousin twice removed, in another post.

Silas was born in Texas, in 1896.

Here is the relation line between Mr. Lyndon and Silas:

Silas' father Joseph Alfred Harrington (b. 31 March 1784, Collin Co., TX/d. 9 April 1957, Plano, Collin, TX)
his father Silas Liter Harrington (b. 29 April 1851, Plano, Collin, TX/d. 21 March 1932, Collin Co., TX)
his mother Martha Harrington nee Huffman (b. 1830/d.1864)
her brother John Smith Huffman III (b. 7 May 1825, Bourbon Co., Kentucky/d. 22 June 1865, Plano, Collin, TX)
his daughter Ruth Ament Baines nee Huffman (b. 10 Dec. 1854, Rowlett, Collin, TX/d. 13 Feb. 1936, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX)
her daughter Rebekah Johnson nee Baines (b. 26 June 1881, McKinney, Collin, TX/d. 12 Sept. 1958, Austin, Travis County, Texas)
her son Lyndon Baines Johnson (b. 27 August 1908, Stonewall, Gillespie County, TX/d. 22 Jan. 1973)

The place where President Lyndon B Johnson was born

Here is our relation to Vera Virginia Andrews Harrington

her mother Ora Susan Andrews nee Forman (b. 23 Feb. 1869, Plano, Collin, TX/d. 1932, TX)
her mother Lucettie Abigail Forman nee Thomas (b. 16 August 1823, Warren County, Kentucky/d. 20 Jan. 1897, Plano, Collin, TX)
her husband Jarrot Howard (our great-great-grandfather)

*All the information based on my own MyHeritage research

1. By Billy Hathorn - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
2. By Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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