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Saint Margaret, Queen of Scots

Margaret was an English princess was born 8 Sept. 1045 in Castle Reka, Mecseknádasd, Pécsváradi, Baranya, Hungary. Her parents were Edward the Exile and Agatha. Her paternal grandfather was Edmund The Ironside. She is also our thirty-two-times-great-grandmother.*

St. Margaret's Chapel Window, Edinborough

When Margaret was 12, her father was called from the exile to England. After Prince Edward's death, Agatha took her children Christina, Margaret and Edgar the Atheling to Scotland where, in the Dunfermline Castle (1070), Margaret married Malcolm III, king of Scotland.

Margaret introduced her husband and the country to new customs and the cultural lifestyle she had learned while living in Hungary and England. She promoted arts, education and religious life. On the other hand, Malcolm was a good, loving husband and a virtuous king. The couple had eight children -
 Edward, Edmund, Ethelred, Edgar, Alexander, Edith, Mary and David.

Margaret was devoted to charity works, serving the poor and abandoned ones. She initiated the reforms of the church in Scotland. Malcolm and Margaret founded quite a few churches, including the Holy Trinity in Dunfermline. The Queen established a ferry crossing across the Firth of Forth.

Both Malcolm and Edward (one of Margaret and Malcolm's sons) were killed at the battle of Alnwick on 13 Nov. 1093.

Margaret died three days later in Edinborough Castle, having learned about the tragic death of her husband and son. She was buried in Dunfermline Abbey in Fife, Scotland.

In 1250, Margaret was canonized by Pope Innocent IV. The feast day of St. Margaret Queen of Scotland is 16 November, the day of her death.

St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinborough Castle, Edinborough, Scotland
The ancestry line*
Margaret Canmore (of Wessex)
her son King David mac Maíl Choluim (b. about 1083, Fordoun, Kincardineshire, Scotland/d. 24 May 1153, Carlisle, Cumberland, England)
his son Henry of Scotland, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon (b. 19 Nov. 1114, Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland/d. 12 June 1152, Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland)
his son David, 8th Earl of Huntingdon (b. about 1152, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland/d. 17 June 1219, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland)
his daughter Margaret MacLochlan (b. about 1175, Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland/d. April 1234, Dundrennan Abbey, Kirkcudbright, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland)
her daughter Devorguilla Nic Alan of Galloway (b. about 1218, Fotheringhay Castle, Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland/d. about 1290, Kempston, Bedfordshire, England)
her daughter Alianora Comyn nee de Balliol (b. about 1242, Badenoch, Scotland/ d. 1302, Lochindorb Castle, Strathspey, Scotland)
her son Sir John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch (b. about 1269, Badenoch, Inverness-shire, Scotland/d. 10 Feb. 1306, Church of Greyfriars, Dumfries)

Clan Comyn/Cumming Crest

his son William McCumin (b. about 1290)
his son Fergus McCumin (b. about 1315)
his son John MakCubyn (b. about 1345)
his son John Fergus MakCubyn (b. about 1365)
his son John MakCubyn (b. about 1390)
his son Fergus MakCubyn (b. about 1415)
his son Dougal MakCubyn (b. about 1440)
his son Sir Fergus MakCubyn (b. about 1465)
his son John MakCumbyn (b. 1490/d. 1542 Scotland)
his son Lord Fergus MakCumbyn (b. about 1513, Dunscore, Dumfriesshire and Galloway, Scotland/d. battle of  Pinkie Cleugh, About 10 Sep. 1547)
his son John MacCubbins (b. about 1533, Dunscore, Scotland/d. 1580, Scotland)
his son Fergus MacCubbins (b. abt. 1558, Galloway, Scotland/d. 1615, Parish Ayrshire, Scotland)
his son John MacCubbins (b. abt. 1579, Maccubbinstone, Dunscoir, Scotland/d. 1631)
his son John Fergus MacCubbins (b. 1603 Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland/d. 1686, Ayrshire, Scotland)
his son John MacCubbins (b. about 1630, Knockdolian, Ayrshire, Scotland, South Ayrshire, Scotland/d. about 1686, Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
his daughter Sarah Griffith nee MacCubbins (b. 1659, Cardigan, Wales/d. Oct 23 1699, Middle Neck Hundred, Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
her son Orlando Griffith (b. 17 Oct. 1688, Anne Arundel County, Province of Maryland/d. 15 March 1757, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Province of Maryland)
his daughter Sarah A Dorsey nee Griffith ( b. 1712, Majors, Maryland/d. 28 May 1780, Maryland)
her daughter Rachel Anne Holbrook nee Dorsey (b. 15 Feb. 1737, Eldersburg, Baltimore, Maryland/d. 15 August 1804, Kentucky)
her son William Holbrook (b. 1765, Rowan Co., NC/d. 13 Jan. 1844, Forsyth, Georgia)
his son Samuel Asberry Holbrook (b. 25 May 1787, Rowan, NC/d. 13 Dec. 1845, Forsyth Georgia)
his daughter Mary Hagood nee Holbrook (b. 1816, Cherokee, Georgia)/d. 10 Feb. 1883, Cherokee, Georgia)
her daughter Hannah E Ledbetter nee Hagood/Haygood (b. 1838, Georgia) - our great-great-grandmother

*based on my MyHeritage research 

The window: By Kjetil Bjørnsrud New york - Own work, CC BY 2.5,
The map: CC BY-SA 3.0,
St. Margaret's Chapel: By Jonathan Oldenbuck - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Clan Comyn Crest: By Celtus (Celtus @ english wikipedia) - Own work by uploader. The crest image is adapted from the following below., CC BY-SA 3.0, 

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