Friday, September 29, 2017

Movies Monthly: August

In August we happened to watch quite a variety of interesting and entertaining movies.

TV series - only one that month (by BBC):

Mapp & Lucia - the two main characters who are quite full of themselves, provide entertainment to a small town social 'circle'. Another type of Ms. Bucket [bouquet] series.


Collateral Beauty - 2016 (drama) - a movie with a deeper message.

Hell or High Water - 2008 (drama) - a contemporary Texas cowboy type film.

Rocknrolla - 2008 (drama, crime) weird but curious as well.

Nothing to Lose - 1997 (comedy) - funny and enjoyable, with well written and thought of plot. Made us lough loud.

Huntsman: Winter's War - 2016 (fantasy) - the previous Huntsman movie "Snow White" had more special cute, computer made effects. The newest film was worth watching anyway.

Stir of Echoes - 1999 (horror, mystery) - not a typical horror, quite engaging with action turns.

The Interpreter - 2005 (thriller) - We watched it because of the director's name: Sydney Pollack who is one of my favorite movie makers. There were also some other stars in it, including Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. And we were not disappointed. 

Gran Torino - 2009 (drama) - with C. Eastwood whose appearance on the cast list always lets us expect it is going to be a quality movie. And it was. Eastwood plays an elderly veteran, a lonely man (despite having a family) who (a bit unwillingly at the beginning) helps his neighbors.  I admire the actor he keeps his class, does not pretend a superman in his current movies (like some other actor of his generation).

The Thomas Crow Case - 1999 (crime, romance), with  P. Brosnan - an intriguing plot.

Invincible - 2001 - (drama) - always remember who you are and where you are from.
I did not know the story about the 36 righteous people who are supposed to live among us.

In a Valley of Violence - 2016 (western) - a good cowboy movie with John Travolta as a bad guy.


The Australian Pink Floyd Concert - 2016 - wish I had seen it live...

August Classics

The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima - 1952 (drama, biography) - A storm started while we were watching the film. When the crowd was calling: "Holy Mother, give us a sign! Give us a sign! Give us a sign!", a thunder struck very close to our house. It was so strong and loud like an explosion. It seemed strange and unexpected - we had our sign.

O, Brother Where Art Thou? - 2000 (comedy drama) - I love the movie and its music soundtrack. I have seen it quite a few times but it is always enjoyable seeking it again. The two main characters Delmar/Tim Blake Nelson (my favorite one) and Pete/John Turturro are fantastic. With their faces (great styling) and face expressions and acting, they seem so authentic, funny and likable at the same time. One of my all time movies.

Magnum Force - 1973 (action) - one of our Clint Eastwood August movies.

The Rookie - 1990 (crime) - well, we do like Clint Eastwood and the characters he created.

Destination Gobi - 1953 (WWII) - a side story of the war about 1st US Mongolian Cavalry. One of those less known WW2 fronts.

Total Recall -1990 (SF) - one of my most favorite SF movies. Always enjoy watching it again.

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