Thursday, March 23, 2017

Movies Monthly: February

The time is passing by so quickly. Recently, I have been interviewing fellow bloggers. Besides, I have planned quite a few other posts for this month. There are plenty of things I would like to write about if time allows. Well, plans are plans but life is life and everyday matters chem them sufficiently.

Except dealing with my blog and doing home things, I have been involved in family - genealogy research again. I started working on our family tree three years ago, then had a longer break. Last week, I restarted 'working' on the ancestors and enlarging the family tree. I find it so very interesting and exciting. Discovering a 'missing' record/person and a new family connection is like solving a sophisticated puzzle. One thread is leading to another one and another one and so on. It is quite rewarding if I happen to come across a family branch or manage to get in touch with a far relative whom we did not know at all. However, I am successful only on the research connected with my husband's family line as I know almost nothing about my side of the family. I wish I could find anything on my direct ancestors.

Needless, to say my genealogy hobby is as involving as time-consuming. That is why I am lacking time to post more articles on the blog. I will try to make it happen anyway. No matter how I like the interview posts series, I would not want to have interviews only here.

Nevertheless today I am catching up with telling you about our February movies time.

Our shows of the month were:

The Informer - 1932 (drama), directed by John Ford - a study of a man who betrayed his friends and had a man killed to get the money his girlfriend dreamed of to buy tickets to America.

Midsummer's Night Dream - 1935 - a short story turned into a charming fairy tale. Ballet, comedy, fantasy, exquisite special effects (considering the time when the movie was made), it all makes a very enjoyable performance. If the movie was in color, it would be pretty stunning.

The Presidio - 1988 (crime) - with Sean Connery. I had seen the film a long time ago, I am glad we could watch it again. The movie is certainly worth it - good suspense and mystery story. 

U-571 - 2000 (war) - one of the best submarine type movies.

Sunshine - 1999 (drama, history) - the story of a few generations of a Hungarian family and how they fit (or they did not) into the history periods of the country. I had seen many movies on WW2 and WW1 in particular European countries but none of them told about realities of those time in Hungary.


  • The Tales from The Royal Bedchamber
  • The Tales from The Royal Wardrobe

Both made by BBC. Interesting bits and pieces on the royal habits, lifestyle, customs and fashion - the information which you will not find in a typical history handbook.

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