Thursday, March 16, 2017

Interview with Laura Kalish

Today I am meeting Laura Kalish, a fellow Texas Woman Blogger.

I am so pleased to meet you, Laura!

 I am happy to meet you too, Aleksandra.

Your surname makes me think of the name of a city in Poland – Kalisz /ka:lish/. Do you have any connections with Poland?

Yes, I do! Or at least my husband’s family does. This is my married name. His family did live in that town in Poland, several generations ago. Then they moved to Hungary and later immigrated to the U.S. I am interested in Polish food and culture and I hope we can visit Poland one day. I enjoy genealogical research and have been able to contribute to my husband’s family tree, and also traced my own Italian roots back to the 1700s.

That is very interesting! Well, I must admit I have never been to Kalisz in Poland. You certainly need to visit the country one day - there are many places of interest and pretty landscapes to see. And, yes, Polish food is certainly worth tasting...

Where do you come from Laura? / Tell us where your place on Earth is...

I am originally from Detroit, Michigan but I have been in Texas for MANY years. In fact, I have really lived here all of my adult life. I came here to go to college and, like so many Houstonians, I stayed. There is a saying that says “I wasn’t born a Texan, but I got here as soon as I could”...

I think I understand what you mean - Texas is beautiful in so may ways. However, it took me a bit longer than you, to get here and discover it. 馃槉

A few words about your education...

I started college in Michigan, then came to Texas to attend Texas Chiropractic College. I became a chiropractor, and then went back to University of Houston Law School and got my law degree. I now practice as a lawyer. I am fortunate to be in business with my husband, who is also a lawyer. He is a wonderfully supportive partner in business and in life.

 He does sound like a good partner and husband. Good for you, Laura!

What occupies you on weekdays?

My job! I practice probate law, and I also do our marketing. So, I get to keep up with trends, technological advances, write and go to networking events as well as do research and “legal stuff”. I like to have variety every day.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I enjoy exploring changing areas with my camera. There are plenty of those in my area of Texas. I take photos of deserted farms and homes. I enjoy sharing stories and tips with other photographers. I come from a family of artists and musicians, so having art as part of my daily life is natural to me. I also enjoy volunteering to make my community a better place, genealogy, walking with my dog, reading mysteries, travel, and spending time with my family, especially my best buddy, my granddaughter Hannah.

She is a lovely little girl indeed.

Thank you.

It seems we share some interests. I am into genealogy too!

What are you good at Laura?

Expressing myself verbally, in writing, and through photography.

What are your greatest achievements / What are you proud of?

I feel a sense of achievement because I am always learning new things. I like to learn about technology and marketing and use new tools to help me in my professional life. I feel my greatest sense of achievement in being a spouse, a mom and grandmother. My three adult kids make me proud, they are all good compassionate human beings who are successful in their chosen fields.

When did you start blogging? / Why?

I started blogging around 2007 because I was convinced that it was necessary in order to have a professional online presence for my law firm.

What do you blog about?

I blog primarily about legal topics, especially family law and wills/probate because that is what my law firm does. But I also try to keep it interesting by blogging about items of local interest, and newsworthy items. It is important that the blog informs people of their legal rights and resources available to them, some of them for free. I put a lot of effort into making the blog useful and informative for our readers.

I need to say that I have read a few articles written by yourself and I found them illuminating.

I am really enjoying "Gone to Texas".

Laura, where would you want to be / what would you want to do in five years' time?

No matter how old I get, I hope that I am still learning new things. In five years’ time, I hope to have enhanced my legal and technological knowledge and traveled to many new places. I’d like to take some photography classes and study a foreign language, just to name a few items on my list.

© Laura Kalish, 2017

What else would you like to tell us about yourself / your family/ on anything else?

I believe it is important to pay attention to the balance and quality of your life, take care of yourself, and do something every day that you enjoy. I try to follow that religiously, and I find that I am a lot happier and healthier when I do. I am so fortunate to have people who love and support me and I appreciate them every day.


Laura's pages:
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Twitter: @LauraKalish
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Laura, many thanks for the interview and for sharing your thoughts with us. It was a pleasure talking to you and learning more about you.

I have really enjoyed it. Thank you for having me here.

I hope you dear Readers enjoyed meeting Laura as much as I did. We invite you all to visit Laura's blog and her other Internet accounts. Best wishes to you all. 馃檵

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