Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Hand Painted T-Shirts: New/Old T-Shirt

I did not like that t-shirt. It got old (you can see in the picture how old it is) and was quite boring. Therefore, I decided to decorate it with one of my own designs. If you do not know, Chef Pol-Tex is a kind of my 'self-portrait'  ­čśÇ as I am the chef and a manager of our Polish-Texan home. Bluebonnets are related to Texas of course. ­čśŐ

Having been painted, the shirt got a new, happy 'face' and has become more interesting as well. Although the year included in the original design still shows the age of the shirt, at least, it is more colorful and not so unattractively plain anymore.

You can read more about my Chef Pol-Tex and its origin here.

New/Old T-shirt