Thursday, November 10, 2016

Movies Monthly: October

By the end of October, we reached #740. Meaning we had watched so many movies and various shows.

New series:
  • A Place You Call Home (Australian production) - we did not see the very first episodes of the series so we needed to figure out - who, what and what have happened. We caught up with the plot, more or less. :-)
  • The Durrells in Corfu (BBC) - since in my family we always have helped and supported each other, the older Durrell boys and the daughter seem to be rather selfish and useless. One could say the Durrells are not the brightest family on the block/on the island but we follow their story anyway.


Some more interesting movies:

681. Rock, Rock, Rock - 1956 (music) - the movie reminds old TV music shows - which were both the presentation of the contemporary, popular artists and a kind of concert. It was interesting to see the old time bands and singers, especially that we never heard about any of them. Besides Chuck Berry of course.

682. The Ladykillers - 2004 (comedy, crime-story), with Tom Hanks - at first we thought it would be something similar to 'Arsenic and Old Lace' in which two old ladies killed their tenants. It was quite a different story, though.

703. The Pink Panther - 2006 (comedy) - a new version of Inspector Clouseau's adventures. A bit different comparing to the old ones. This time the inspector solves a case not only because of his accidental and involuntary actions.

The Web

Our movies of the month:

691. In the Heart of the Sea - 2015 (adventure), directed by Ron Howard - a very well made film version of the famous novel 'Moby Dick' by Herman Melville.

605. Wicker Park - 2004 (drama), directed by Paul McGuigan - a simple story showed in a way that nothing seems simple in it. Intriguing, involving and misleading which makes watching the movie an interesting experience.

712. Vice Versa - 1948 (comedy), directed by Peter Ustinov.
Hilarious. The kind of humor, characters and many scenes of the movie very much reminded us the humor and characters presented later by Monty Python. It was like watching the original Monty Python before Monty Python. The comedy very much ahead of its times - or maybe just a very English-like sense of humor.

714. Spectre - 2015 (action), directed by Sam Mendes - the newest James Bond movie, with our favorite Bond impersonation (another one) created by Daniel Craig.

Our Halloween Movies:

735. Blood and Black Lace - 1964 (crime story, thriller) - French production - quite a good plot and a lot of old-time size women, and pretty wardrobe.
736. Young Frankenstein - 1974 (comedy), directed by Mel Brooks, with Gene Wilder - classic movie - still funny and entertaining.
738. Mark of the Vampire - 1935 (mystery, horror) - nothing in this movie is what it seems to be :-). It appeared to be more interesting that we thought.
739. Cat People - 1942 - by Radio Pictures (horror, fantasy) - the main female character has a really dark side. As usual 'Radio Pictures' means something a bit different and worth watching.
740. Devil's Bride - 1968 (horror) - a well-written story, although dark in its aspect, interesting - with no cheap effects such as slashing or blood splashing effects.

And what movies did you watch on Halloween?

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