Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Joy and Retirement

Chef Pol-Tex is enjoying the summertime. She loves nature, flowers and colorful butterflies.

Although it is nice to be outside, the Texas heat is a bit oppressive. The hot and humid weather makes you feel like staying in and hiding yourself in the aired room all day long.
On the other hand, in the morning, when it is not so terribly hot, outside activities are quite enjoyable. Green trees decorated with light-pink blossom, birds singing their songs, delicate, cooling breeze - all so delightful.

Having enough time to stop for a moment and appreciate such wonders is a kind of luxury.

In the past, being busy at work, I could only dream of it. Now, the dream has come true, which is a good side of the retirement.

Wishing my husband could retire as well.....

Chef Pol-Tex and her summer delight :-)

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