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My Music ABC: From E to H

Before I started writing this text, I tried to remind myself the bands and various E. F, G, H singers' names. I also looked through my old CDs and YouTube contents to refresh my memory.

Of course, there were many more E, F, G, H letters artists than I list here. Although I listened to their music as well, somehow, they were not exactly 'my kind of cake'. Do not get me wrong - I acknowledge those musicians' compositions and their meaning, considering the music time line in general. And yes, I recall (for example) 'Sweet Child of Mine' by Guns N' Roses, and their other songs - but them and some other artists simply did not move that certain string of my soul. That is why you will not find them mentioned here.

Well, the intro was just to remind that My Music ABC is written from a personal point of view and it is not intended to be a music almanac of contemporary music.

ELO - my sister liked them. Since we shared our room and the music equipment, I listened to their songs as well. The tunes were interesting/nice but I would not have called the band my favorite one though. And it is the same today.

When I was in my teens, I hated all disco music which changed slightly later. That is why you can see a piece by Eruption on the list below. Anyway, I am going to write more about some disco stuff in the next entry of My Music ABC.

'Wishing Well' by Free is one of my all-time hits. I have always loved the song and always found it splendid - could listen to it again and again. On the other hand, I have never been a great fan of the band itself. In my opinion, they were simply OK but not much sentiment connected with them.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer and The Eagles were my one hit wonders as well. Either 'Lucky Man' was the most popular number by ELP in Poland, and I heard it more often than their other songs, or I just got stuck to that piece only. All in all, 'Lucky Man' is the 'brand logo' to me, not any other song by that group.

'Hotel California' was my favorite listening comprehension song when I worked as a school teacher. Among others, I used it in classes to practice my students' listening skills. And I can tell you, they enjoyed the exercise/'Hotel California' too.

Helloween and Flash and the Pan - obviously, two totally different kinds of albums. The previous one, lively with interesting melodic lines (love the guitars!), the latter one on the sad or even depressing side. Frankly speaking, I was never interested in the two groups very much - I just happened to come across those records and liked them a lot. However, the heavy metal one cheers me up and makes me feel energetic, 'Lights in the Nights' just the opposite. :-)

When Genesis were at their best, I preferred Phil Collins' solo albums more. Again, Genesis was not really my cup of tea.

Golden Earring - Europe had so many great rock groups then! Besides the British ones of course. I have always thought that having lived in a non English language country, we were in a way culturally richer. We not only enjoyed the popular UK, American and European bands/musicians, we also had our Polish music which was not much known anywhere else. We had two. Not one only.
At any rate, 'Radar Love' was my number one by Golden Earring. There was another song which I also liked but cannot recall its title right now.

If you look at My Hit Parade List, you will find all kind of music there, including some classical composers. Generally speaking, the list pictures my music likes and interests which have always been quite eclectic. Yes, I have enjoyed it all and many more.

David Gilmour? Of Pink Floyd of course. Both my sister and myself liked that solo album by Gilmour. I have no idea though where we got that tape from (in the picture above). It was in the times where the cassettes where in use but I am not sure whether we bought it in a store or received it from someone.

Fiddler on the Roof - the movie made in 1971 (directed by Norman Jewison) is, in my opinion, the best version of the musical. Love the songs sung and interpreted by the film characters.

Finally, a fumy thing connected with Human League. I used to like their songs a lot when I was -teen. Nevertheless, I saw them first time on a You Tube video, not long ago before writing this post. The image of the main singer totally surprised me as I had always thought he had more like a rebel look.

Making the list, I was wondering whether I should wait with mentioning The Everly Brothers and The Hollies till I get to the letter O (Oldies, meaning 50s and 60s). On the other hand, all the songs listed below may be regarded as oldies, so I think it really does not matter if I list them now or later...
Have I missed something? Well, probably did, I will try to update the entry later.

What would you put on your E, F, G, H - Hit Parade list?


The Eagles: Hotel California

Telephone Line
Calling America

Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Lucky Man

Enya: Caribbean Blue

Eruption: One Way Ticket

  • Here Comes The Rain Again
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

The Everly Brothers:
  • All I Have to Do is Dream
  • Till I Kissed You


Fiddler on the Roof:  Movie Soundtrack

  • Wishing Well
  • Come Together in The Morning

A Flock of Seagulls: 
  • I Ran
  • Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)

Fleetwood Mac: Albatross

Flash And the Pan: Lights in the Night (album - 1980)

4 Non Blondes: What's Up
Flack Roberta: Killing Me Softly
Foreigner: Waiting for a Girl Like You


Genesis: Home by the Sea

Gilmour David: There's No Way Out

Glitter Gary: Rock'n'Roll

Golden Earring: Radar Love

Grieg Edvard: Peer Gynt


Hair - Movie Soundtrack

Handel George Frideric: 
  • Messiah
  • Water Music
Helloween: Keeper of the Seven Keys (album - 1987)

The Hollies: The Air That I Breath

Human League: Don't You Want Me

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