Thursday, March 17, 2016

My Winter Hand Painted Creations

Spring is about to start, so it is high time I told you about my shirts which I painted in the winter.

1. Just a usual turtle neck shirt which was quite blank and boring, meaning both the style and color. That was why I rarely wore it. Now, with the flowery motif and little flowers on the neck line, it looks different.

A bit of paint made such a nice change and it turned the shirt into a more interesting (at least I think so) piece of clothing.

2. That summer shirt made me look unhealthy - pale pink and pale me did not match well at all.

The painting has added some colors/expression to the shirt and I am going to enjoy wearing it when it is warm enough to come back to sleeveless clothes again.

3. In my opinion, a regular T-shirt is just another uninteresting and style-less wardrobe item.
It makes a good 'canvas' for my Kashubian folk patterns though. T-shirts of bright colors make  especially good background for the (primary) shades of those traditional designs. When decorated, I really like wearing them. Also because, in a way, they are original. I painted them myself and, more over, nobody else has exactly the same T-shirt like mine..

Which of the three ones do you like best?

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