Tuesday, August 18, 2015

San Antonio and The Alamo

In San Antonio we stayed at one of the hotels situated along River Walk, with its lovely, little bridges (perfect spots to have pictures taken), restaurants, live music, greenery, waterfall (almost) on the side walk and lots of tourists of course.

We enjoyed walking there too but the main reason why we visited the city was The Alamo. My husband wanted to show me the place where 189 defenders fought for thirteen days and died for Texas (March 06, 1836).
When still in Poland, I watched the latest movie about the defense of Alamo - such a great and very tragic, heroic fight. I was really happy I could visit the mission - where it all took place. However, I found it surprising that the remains of the original fort are situated in the heart of San Antonio, almost in the city center.

Anyway, the mission (San Antonio de Valero) was established in 1718, and was the first one of all San Antonio's missions. In the museum we saw many relics and mementos from the times of the Republic of Texas. We also watched a documentary on the history of the mission and its defense. It was so amazing to be there - in the mission church and the barracks, and feel the spirit of the place, where the Texian soldiers perished being outnumbered by Gen. Santa Anna's Army.

Yes, we remember the Alamo. Glory to the heroes!

We also visited Mission San Jose (built in 1720, south of the Alamo) - part of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. It covers quite a large area, interesting architecture and stone structures. Being in such historical places, I always find it quite special - watching all the sights and imagining the people who used to live there.

The church built 1768-1782, restored 2011

Maybe next time when we visit the city again, we will be able to see all the missions of San Antonio.

Learn more: The Official Alamo Website

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