Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hacienda Escondida - In The Heart of Texas

Hacienda Escondida is a great option to a traditional hotel/bed & breakfast accommodation. My husband chose it for us - we stayed in Escondida during our Texas trip. It was wonderful there! Also because at that time, there were no other guests - just the two of us. We had all the Hacienda area for ourselves - the dining room, game room, guests parlor, the pool and all the ground around it was ours! Even the cook, who lives nearby, was coming to make meals especially for us. Total heaven!

The entrance gate - quite fancy - when you look closer, you will notice what animals hid themselves among the metal work/decoration.

Hacienda Escondida is owned by Texas Country Reporter, a popular TV guy (at least in Texas). The property is situated at the base of Medina Mountain (in the Hill Country) and it is surrounded by greenery and some woods.

It was so quiet and peacefully there.We could relax and enjoy it, not being disturbed by anybody or anything. A few times we saw deer through the window of our room. We also spotted some other little animals and birds  - on the grass and in the trees.

The Hacienda very much looks like the ones in the movies - built and decorated in Hispanic style. I liked it a lot!

Part of the hacienda backyard

During the day we explored the outside area, enjoying nature and the tranquility of the place. In the evening we listened to music in the guests parlor, played old games and had fun in the pool.  We had such a wonderful time in Escondida!

Breakfast was served in a colorful and spacious kitchen

Our dinner.....
... with delicious dessert and two kinds of wine was served in the dining room - for nobody else but the two of us

Our 'private' (at that time) pool

In the evening, thanks to the outside lights, we could enjoy the scenery too.

Wall decor in the guests parlor

Our cute companions

Since there was no one else besides us, it was all like being in our own personal, luxurious hacienda.
Thank you my dear husband!

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  1. Sound like pretty romantic spot!

  2. Looks great! Your husband made an excellent choice!