Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eye Makeup With Eyeshadow Trio by Yves Rocher

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! These Summer Collection 3 Pearl Effect Eye Shadows are! Actually they belong to 2014 Summer Collection by Yves Rocher, but I just recently bought this beautiful trio. The shades are ultra-pigmented and long lasting - simply gorgeous. The smoky blue is more on the matte side. The light bronze and golden beige are beautiful, ultra-shimmering colors though. During the application (and not only) they shine and sparkle like particles of gold in the sunshine. So wonderful! Another advantage is that the eye shadows are paraben free.

I tried them in different makeup options - using the blue eye shadow to crease or applying it to the eyelids. Both results were good - in the first case: the beige and bronze were exposed so nicely. The second way made the look rather bold but not too bold to wear it as an everyday makeup style.
The summer sun exposes the sparkling beauty of the eye shadows. The trio ($10) is perfect to create a sunny, holiday look.

1. Golden Beige - base on the eyelid. Bronze in the middle of the eyelid only. 

2. Golden Beige used as base. Bronze on the entire eyelid. Blue eye pencil by YR.

3. Golden Beige used as base. Smoky Blue on the eyelid. Bronze - crease. Blue eye pencil.

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