Friday, March 6, 2015

About Color Me Happy Shampoo by Herbal Essences And Roses

I chose this shampoo for color-treated hair because it contains Rosa Centifolia flower extract. Both rose water and rose oil are known for their great properties, beneficial for the skin. They soften and smooth it, and make it look nice. That is why they are commonly used in skin care products such as lotions, toners, creams and others, including shampoos. Another good reason to use rose flower extracts as components of beauty products, is the amazing scent of roses which makes the cosmetics smell beautiful.
Rosa Centifolia, one of the ingredients of Color Me Happy Shampoo by Herbal Essences, is grown in Morocco. Some of the other ingredients included in the shampoo composition are corn silk extract and passiflora incarnata (known as maypop or purple passion flower) fruit extract.
Color Me Happy foams and cleans the hair quite well. I like it and I am glad I bought it.
This shampoo reminds me my visit in the Rose Valley located south of The Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria. The area is famous the Rosa Damascena plantations and industry.  When the roses bloom, the valley is full of beautiful flowers and sweet, fragrant smell.
While visiting a small local rose distillery, I learned also a bit about the rose oil production process. During the picking season, rose petals are collected by hand (mostly by women) very early in the morning, before the dew touches and moistens the flowers. It is quite amazing that to make 1 kg of rose oil, 4000 kg of rose petals are needed. Can you imagine how many hours it takes to pick four tons of flowers?
Rose petals in the distillery - Rose Valley, Bulgaria
Anyway, at that time I purchased all kind of cosmetics containing rosa damascena in one of local shops of Kazanlak - the center of Bulgarian rose oil industry. The products were surprisingly very inexpensive there, so I got a supply of rose goodies for family and friends, not too much for myself though. I wish I could get those facial toners and body balms for the same price right now! I would get much more for my own beauty shelf this time ....
Rose distillery, Bulgaria
Each year, during the rose season, the festival of roses is held in Kazanlak and other towns of the Rose Valley. The celebrations include rose parade, beauty pageant (choosing the Queen of Roses) and many other attractions. If you ever happen to have a chance to visit that region, go there when the roses bloom!
Part of Rose Parade - Rose festival in Kazanlak

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