Monday, April 10, 2017

Interview with Patti Tucker

Patti Tucker is a Texas Woman Blogger whose posts I read quite frequently.

I am so very pleased she has agreed to meet us in our 'Interview corner' and let us know more about herself and her blogging as well.

Hello, Patti! Welcome to 'Gone to Texas'!

Could you please tell us where do you come from and where your place on Earth is?

I’m a Texan by birth. I grew up in West Texas, surrounded by dingos (boys). The wind-blasted land, the stark beauty of vast skies, the rough-edged kindness of people infiltrated my soul as a child and are as much a part of me as any physical attribute.

A few words about your education:

My education is an ongoing evolvement of learning how much I never knew.

What occupies you on weekdays?

The business of writing, letting Dexter in and out to chase squirrels and wondering what’s for lunch/dinner.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I love long distance running...eating cake...enjoying an outdoor fire with drinks...discussing things which evoke passion and heightened emotions...laughing with/at family and friends...DIY projects that aren’t perfect, but perfect for much Netflix.

What are you good at Patti?

I’d like to think I’m good at loving, translating life and its absurdities into the empathetic written word and throw your head back, roaring like a crazy person, laughing.

What are your greatest achievements / What are you proud of?

My family, hands down. No matter what else I accomplish in this life, they will be what I’m most proud of.

When did you start blogging? / Why?

I started blogging as a joke with my son when he went off to college, as a way to stay connected. My websites grew from there, over many years.

What do you blog about?

At the moment, I write about life and the unending volume of topics that amuse or annoy me. I’m also partial to writing about educating and elevating subjects as well. My breast cancer series, What I’ll Tell Sweet E series and the Perimenopause Can SUCK IT! series are a couple that folks enjoy.

I have noticed recently, you enjoy making videos. Have you decided to be a vlogger as well?

I’ve been making videos for some time. I don’t consider it vlogging as much as an extension of my voice - a fun way to reach out. It’s one more tool with which to communicate. Plus, they make me laugh.

Patti, where would you want to be/ what would you want to do in five years time?

I’d like to be where I am now, but expanded. More living. More writing. More sharing. More loving. More laughing.

What else would you like to tell us about yourself / your family/ or anything else?

I hope when you read my words, wherever they are, you laugh your behind off. And think until it hurts. Or cry public tears. I hope your life is expanded in some way. Not just because of the singular stories about life's joys and ridiculous twists, but because you recognize the collective us in the words.

I’m compelled to shine the light on the threads that connect us instead of the vast gulf that divides us.

We are stronger together, no matter how terrifying the flying debris appears or how soft the landing cushion feels. We are stronger knowing we aren’t alone. 

That’s why I write.
You're not alone on your journey. You’ve got me.


Visit Patti's web pages:

Blog: OH, Mrs. Tucker! 
Pinterest: ohmrstucker
Twitter: @OhMrsTucker
Instagram: @ohmrstucker
Facebook: Oh, Mrs. Tucker

Patti, thank you very much for your visit and the interesting talk. I really enjoyed our interview and love your vision of you in the future! I do wish you all the good and positive 'more' - now and in the coming years.

Dear Reader, I invite you to check on Patti's blog posts series and her video posts as well.

Good bless you all! ­čî╝