Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Cosmetic Side: Feet & Pedicure

I take care of my feet quite frequently as I believe they deserve to be pampered no less than the hand or other parts of the body. Especially, that the feet do such a tremendous job - they carry us here and there every day. Having had a shower or a bath, I put some foot cream or body balm on the feet. From time to time (once a week during the summer) I also treat them with a 'feet grater', and then with some foot scrub, to remove the rough and calloused skin and make it smooth.

Some time ago, I decided to have a special pedi treatment done at a beauty place. When in the salon, first I was placed in a big massaging chair where I enjoyed a warm, fragrant and bubbly foot bath. At the same time, the chair was massaging the back of my neck. Soft and calm music was coming from some hidden speakers. I must admit, t was all very relaxing.

After about a quarter (or so) the beautician came to take care of my feet. She was surprised how soft my feet were. Well, I did not know what she had expected. I told her that I took care of my feet at home and I did not neglect them. The lady praised my personal beauty care and said my feet did not need any extra salon treatment.

When I asked the beautician what were the worst feet she had ever dealt with, she replied that  Swedish men/customers tended to have the hardest and the roughest feet. Maybe because they had not worn socks in the summer? I do not know why.

Anyway, I had the calloused skin removed then and had the nails done as well. I loved the bright pink shade of the nail color!

I was so very pleased with the service at that beauty parlor that before I left, I bought a gift coupon for a pedicure treatment for my mom. It was my Mother's Day present for her. And she did enjoy the visit (and its results) at the salon too!

And what about you?
How often do you take care of your feet?
What do you do?

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