Monday, October 10, 2016

Movies Monthly: September

By the end of September, we reached no. 692. Which means that during the past 2016 months, we had watched that many movies - various ones.

Detective stories 

New (to us) series started:
Besides, Father Brown came back in September too.


Poldark II (BBC) and Indian Summers II (BBC again) began.

Comedy shows

We enjoyed more jokes by Yakov Smirnoff:

605. Yakov Smirnoff - Just of the Boat

Most interesting movies of September

606. The Truman Show - 1998 (drama, SF) - with J. Carrey - directed by Peter Weir

608. The Bounty - 1984 (drama), with Mel Gibson - directed by Roger Donaldson

610. Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring - 2001 (fantasy) - directed by Peter Jackson

636. Unforgiven - 1992 (western) - with C. Eastwood and G. Hackman - directed by C. Eastwood

638. The Secret Garden - 1993 (drama, family) - directed by Agnieszka Holland - In our opinion, it is the best movie version of the novel.

649. The Forger - 2015 (drama), with J. Travolta - directed by P. D'Ovidio

654. The Strip - 1951 (crime) - directed by Laszlo Kardos

662. Trail of the Pink Panther - 1982 (comedy) - directed by Blake Edwards.
The outfits worn by A. Hepburn in the movie were made by de Givenchy. Most quite wonderful, except the white one + the white hat, showed at the very beginning of the movie.

671. K-19 The Widowmaker - 2002 (drama, biography), with H. Ford - directed by Kathryn Bigelow

674. The Conversation - 1974 (thriller) - with G. Hackman - directed by F. F. Coppola

679.A Song to Remember - 1945 (drama, music) - directed by Charles Vidor
It is not a biography - the Chopin's life story pictured in the movie was not true, just made up by the filmmakers. But the music was real and only because of the compositions by Chopin I found the movie interesting.

Radio Pictures

669. Wide Open - 1930 (comedy)
670. The Roar of the Dragon - 1932 (adventure), directed by Wesley Ruggles
688. Gunga Din - 1939 (adventure) - directed by George Stevens - based on the poem by R. Kipling.

We had watched quite a few movies by Radio Picture/Radio Pictures - all of them were exquisite or really good. That is why, whenever we see at the beginning of the film, that it is a Radio Pictures production, we can expect it should be an interesting show. Considering the three movies listed above, we were not disappointed either. We especially Gunga Din, both the story and the character of that name as well.

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