Monday, May 18, 2015

My First Time At The Rodeo

When I was going to see a rodeo for the first time, I did not know what to expect. Of course, I had seen some rodeo scenes on TV but calf roping and throwing animals on the ground seemed rather cruel to me. I was excited to see real cowboys anyway. Besides, I was glad I would be able to learn what the real rodeo is.

The show consisted of various competitions. To my surprise, not only men but also women and little boys were the rodeo contestants. All of them tried to show themselves at their best, and achieve as good scores as they were able to (and as the animals let them).

FavTreats Rodeo Texas TX

Some categories, including bull riding, required rather acrobatic skills and looked quite dangerous. Luckily, nothing bad happened - neither the men nor the animals got hurt, which made the entire event really enjoyable.

It was all much more entertaining that I thought it would be. The cheerful music, the clown, his jokes, and some other funny elements created a pleasant, relaxing and laid back atmosphere.
All in all, the rodeo was fun and we had a really nice time at the arena.
There was one more thing which was very new to me on that day, besides the sport event itself. At the rodeo place I had a snow scone first time in my life. It was freezing cold!

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